Hands on Review: Injustice 2

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Pop Culture Shock Chun-Li Figure Preview

Have to love these well-done Figurines and now you can pre-order this lovely Chun Li Figure. More »

Darksiders 3: Introducing Fury

We finally get a closer look at Darksiders 3 Fury with gameplay. More »

Dreadnought – First Impressions (PS4 – Closed Beta)

Previewing Dreadnought Beta on PlayStation 4. More »


Senran Kagura: no Shirt, no Shoes, all Service Edition

Oh snap gamers, I am not going to sugar coat this article at all. I am highly interested in this game since I played the previous title last year Senran Kagura Estival Versus. You don’t have to guess my interest in a game of this nature because it is all about the T and A baby. That’s right the Tactical Action going on…(laughs). Aight all jokes aside this is a game that caters to fan service while having a dynasty warriors style combat system. Announced on Friday is the Senran Kagura Beach Peach Splash: No Shirt, No Shoes, All Service Edition coming out this summer and we have details for you.

Far Cry 5 Reveal

You know what is interesting? You live your life day to day all peaceful like and then some nut job tries to come into your town and damage your calm. Nothing like ruining your day when a dark religious militia raids your town and takes everything and everyone from you. It is hard to get people to rise up to fight, to break that fear to get back what is yours. Far Cry 5 takes us to the states this time to Hope County and we have a nice teaser trailer that most of you probably already seen.

The King of Fighters 98 Mobile Game Review

This is my very first mobile game review and it is just justified since I downloaded it a few days ago and have not stopped playing. The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match Online is the new mobile game featuring the famed SNK fighters. I saw the advertising for it on Instagram and I got curious because I am using an outdated android with not a lot of internal space, but surprising enough this app game doesn’t take up much space.

Beam Becomes Mixer

Well, that was a shocker and to be honest I did like the old name better, but beam is now known as Mixer. I will admit it I do get why it is called that which is a nice word usage for different streamers that have different taste in games “mixing it up”. Now being that I used Beam now known as Mixer for a long time, I was curious as to the changes being implemented in the new platform. Let’s take a look at the video.

Castlvania Returns in Anime Form

2017 is shaping up to be one of my favorite years for entertainment as we have a Netflix trailer to the upcoming series based on the famed hunter title Castlevania. The only other animation adaptation of a Belmont was in Captain N which was horrible when I got older. It is way overdue for an adult version and I am glad they went animated with it.

Focus Home Interactive E3 2017 Line-up

You hear that gamers? That is the sound of the digital world shouting and cheering as we grow closer to E3 2017. Focus Home Interactive has pushed out some pretty impressive titles and recently The Surge was just released. This leaves me with one questions, “What else you got for us?”

Overwatch one Year Anniversary Kicks off Today

Wow, one year has already passed for Blizzards famed FPS Overwatch which thanks fans by celebrating their  anniversary with you as a good developer should. In that they want to make sure you the fans celebrate in proper fashion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dealyed

Delays can go one of two ways as many of you have witnessed and I for one have to admit when I was younger I hated the way as well as hearing a delay happens. As I got older I became understanding and grateful for the delays since I am still playing certain games. It does seem a new game comes out every week and now Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released Spring of 2018. Take your time Rockstar.

BF1 In the Name of the Tsar Announced

Oh my fellow gamers, we are getting so close to E3 2017 that the digital information is just getting louder. Today Battlefield on twitter just let out a nice wallpaper image of the latest DLC that will be talked more about at EA Play in June called In the Name of the Tsar which if you know your history will introduce Russia to the fight. Thanks to my fellow field reporter Lady Ar5enic who gathered this intel through all the sea of ignorance because of the image of a female soldier. We are going to through in some history folks.

Marvel Heroes Omege June 20th Release for Xbox One

I have been playing Marvel Heroes for a while now on PC and as it evolved through the years is one of the best Marvel game experiences since the Ultimate Alliance series it has finally come to consoles. Yes, it is a MMOARPG (Massive-Multiplayer-Online Action RPG) style video game and wasn’t what I expected as the MMO that was once promised which turned into Champions Online, but it is enjoyable. Right now there are a few on the PlayStation 4 trying out the Early Access and soon enough the gamers on Xbox will get their chance.