Customization 101 in NFS Payback

Customization video is live now for Need For Speed Payback is looking pretty good. More »

European Deadzone Getaway in Destiny 2

Took a closer look into the Destiny 2 Beta on the PlayStation 4. More »

Razer SFV Panthera Arcade Stick

Bring on the new Street Fighter V Panthera Arcade Stick. More »

Re: Legends Dual Swords & Armor Designs

New things happening with Re: Legend and it is looking good! More »

Closed Alpha Update for Nelo

Latest Pre-Alpha Footage of Nelo is up! More »


Yakuza Kiwami Review

Well, folks, it’s here. The end of the end of summer is right around the corner and he’s ready to pull the plug on all the extra hours you’ve spent gaming your asses off. Now I’m sure many gamers have spent their summer days on the hot new titles, DLC’s, updates, going to tournament etc and aren’t ready to just folk over your gaming bliss without a fight. Lucky for you Sega’s got one of the last hot titles for the summer. Wanna cap off your summer of gaming on a kick ass note? Before you go getting ready to set the alarms for morning classes, school in general, or the 9-5, pick up Yakuza Kiwami. Because this game will definitely be your gunshot, smashing skull into the pavement, explosions action packed awesome end to your gaming summer.

Beast Gamer Visits Play NYC

It has been a while since I have been to any con and finding out a few months ago about Play NYC by my peoples at Video Game Tidbits just made me jump for a ticket. For those that do not know Play NYC is trying to bring an all gaming convention to us here in New York City. I mean yes we have PAX East in Boston, but so far all we have is NYCC and the Anime cons that happen, so why not complete the circle with an all video game based con? Let’s take a look at the video.

Big Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite News and Reveal

What’s up everyone! ShadowJin here and Capcom has been gracious enough to give us a brand-new trailer featuring the remaining four characters that will complete the launch roster of characters! Those characters are Firebrand, Dormammu, Jedah and, Ghost Rider. Now granted the only new character in this set is Jedah. The rest being returning characters from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Also revealed today were the offline and online features of the game. Plus, those who remember how bad Chun-Li’s face model was, it’s been fixed!

Esports Possibly Becoming an Official Part of 2020 Olympics!

What’s up Ladies and Gents! It’s ShadowJin here and today I want to talk about my opinion on something that’s been buzzing around the last week or so. That topic being that Esport could potentially be part of the 2020 Olympic Games! Before I get into that allow me to refresh your minds about Esports. Esports is the gaming competitive scene that has been booming and getting a lot bigger than it’s ever been within these last few years. With that being said there’s a lot of new investors, teams and a bigger audience. Esports mainly featured shooters, MOBA’s and over last 2 years Fighting games. From Counter Strike GO tournaments being televised on TBS to the Mortal Kombat X: Chasing the Cup documentary being on CW, as well as Street Fighter V tournaments being broadcasted on ESPN2. It would seem the only way to go from there is up!

Baja Edge of Control Preview

A classic rises from the dust with full HD remastered as well as a dash of 4k compatibility. This racing I first played on the Xbox 360 and it was also released in an early stage of PlayStation 3 and I have to admit it had its fun moments, but how can it match up to so many racing games that have the best of everything? THQ Nordic feels the nostalgia with Baja Edge of Control HD coming out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Of course, we have a trailer for you to check out.

The Division Update 1.7

Oh boy, it is funny how the division keeps growing as I keep playing. It at times takes some games to get better with age and now we have a new update that will bring global events and new loot starting today actually.

Next Up Hero Preview

This is an unorthodox way of being a legendary hero. What if someone told you to go forth and save the world, but do not expect a glorious finish. Instead, you are set off to die to give the next hero a chance and then repeat the process until a flaming blue fireball, or a rocket just hits you all over your heroic self. Nah, you thought wrong about this adventure because it truly begins once you fail.

The King of Fighters Destiny Review

It has been a while since I have seen a King of Fighters Movie or Fatal Fury movie since the 90’s. It was huge back then, but recently to my surprise on the SNK Youtube channel, they released two episodes of their new series The King of Fighters Destiny. This new animation is long overdue in my opinion, but let’s see how it stands up.

Closed Alpha Update for Nelo

Oh boy, it has been a while since our last update of Nelo, but that is fine because the developers of Magic and Mirror’s are hard at work to bring us something special. As a backer or as many of you know that you tend to get updates of new information and today we have for you a Closed Alpha gameplay video that I hope will tickle your fancy in this upcoming adventure.

Re: Legends Dual Swords & Armor Designs

To the people that are not supporting this Kickstarter which you should, we have a new update here and as a backer, I feel the need to share the information I am getting. I spoke about this game a few weeks back where this is a new co-op building action adventure game with so much to do and of course little cute monsters to collect. Now as of right now the developers of Re: Legend is about to reach their Nintendo Switch Goal which is amazing news and then after that is the PS4 stretch goal. It seems like a solid game so definitely check out their Kickstarter by clicking here and give them support. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I get into the update.