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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced

Man, 30 years…So I was four when Street Fighter first came out, but I was a little bit older when I first saw Street Fighter one at a corner Pizza shop outside. Later I got into my uncle’s computer to find the rom of the game, but since I didn’t know how to play it on a keyboard I dismissed it and went on to his other titles. Street Fighter has been part of my gaming life beyond just the video games, but the manga’s, animes and movies good and bad. Iconic characters and interesting move sets. It was a fun title to get into even if there were some unforgiving situations, but you get better. Now that we are at the 30th-anniversary marker Capcom wants to give gamers that same nostalgia with a collection for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter World Hands on Preview

It is good to see companies coming out with more demos and Beta’s for us to try out before we buy, shows an abundance of good faith in their product. This weekend is the Monster Hunter: World beta which is one of the highly anticipated games coming out for Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This weekend is exclusive to PlayStation Plus members to try out with three main missions with both single and multiplayer options, as well as a training mode. My first impression goes with the single player mission and as you go through the post we will touch base on what changes in the Multiplayer. Enjoy.

Gamer Guide Naha Vol 2: Local Arcade

In my last post, I told ya’ll about a Game Bar on Kokusai Street. Well on Kokusai Street is this wonderful place called “Makishi Market.” An indoor market with tons of tax-free discount shops, clothing stores, coffee & tea shacks, bars, traditional Japanese restaurants and of course a place to game. Once again call it sheer luck or just gamers intuition, but I found this place by accident. Seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life as of late. Deep inside on the quieter side of the marketplace, nestled alongside a string of buildings near a taco joint is a place where gamers can face off against homegrown top-notch Japanese competition for just .50 cents a round. From the outside, the motorbikes are lined up, and red lights pour on to the entrance and what awaits you is gaming with some serious nostalgia. This place is Game in Naha 2. Now I know the name sounds like someone ran it through Google Translate, but the place is so awesome we can overlook something like a less than stellar creativity when it comes to naming can’t we?

Gamer Guide 1: Good Game Bar

Hey folks! I know I always say it but this time my soon to be catchphrase holds a lot more weight. It has indeed, been awhile. The last post being the Yakuza Kiwami review. But fear not, because my hiatus is for a good reason. Take studying abroad in Japan. Tell me that’s not the best excuse ever! Sure, beats the hell outta “the dog ate my homework.” Throughout my more error in the trials of living in Naha City, I managed to find some pretty sweet gaming spots. So, in the event, you happen to find yourself in Naha City Okinawa and you’re running low on Gamer Fuel, here are a view places you ought to hit up!

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers Beta Sign up Goes Live

All right, Ninjas, we have some new intel from the Bandai Namco Leaf Village branch that you can start signing up to get into the Beta coming in just two weeks. We did a post a few months back showcasing the latest game featuring some interesting fight mechanics in a full team combat game. Let’s check out the details.

Puzzle Fighter Mobile Review

Who else loves it when a genre takes a step back and tries something interesting or rather mixes something fun with their own entity? I for sure find it fun especially in this case. It was back in the summer of 1996 when I visited an old Mom and Pop’s game store where I discovered this gem of a title on the PlayStation One. Seeing a mix of Tetris and fighting games blew my mind is that they were a gem puzzle system. Then came Super Gem Fighter which was the same deal but all fighting that I currently own on the PS3. What made this game stand out the most was the Chibi (Japanese term for short and cute) art form that made fans love it. Now Capcom decided to bring this game back in mobile form.

Need for Speed Payback Review

There is no honor among thieves or that’s what we are told. When you are part of a crew whether you are friends or family, it is a strong bond of trust. Until that one person destroys that bond putting you all in chaos and now the city is against you as you regain your street cred by one race at a time. Welcome back to a new Need For Speed where it is all about getting that Payback.

PlayStation Plus Free Games for December 2017 Announced

As we come to the close of the year I do hope that PlayStation would go out with a bang with their PlayStation Plus free games line up for December 2017. This time it caters to both parties and I am not too disappointed.

Session: Skateboarding Demo Thoughts and Kickstarter Info

It took just four days for this new Kickstarter to get backed and that just shows you that many gamers out there are craving for a new skateboarding game. What up gamers and welcome to this new preview session of a skateboarding simulator called Session which will be coming out to the Xbox One and Steam Marketplace.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review

Wow, this is going to be an interesting review since I for one have never played Animal Crossing in my life. I only have known about it and seen fellow colleagues play it. I am sorry, I am gamer that likes racing games, violence and more violence in that genre. This week Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest for the mobile devices and it blew up a storm of people requesting friend codes and even friends I didn’t even know were into Animal Crossing. This is where I have come to as Beast Gamer trying out something in a friendly environment. Let’s take a look.