Beast Gamer Reviews Mars Wired Controller

Brook Games has a new Controller that plays PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out our thoughts. More »

Great Power Comes a Great Teaser of Spider-Man PGW 2017

New Teaser Trailer of Spider-man coming to the PlayStation 4. More »

The Evil Within 2 Review

Shadowjin here with his Nightmare review of The Evil Within 2. More »

Tower 57 Dungeon Crawl Review

Beast here with our latest review of Tower 57 out now on Steam Marketplace. More »

Battle Royale Teaming up with Tournament Host

Fortnite\'s Battley Royale is entering the competitive scene with cahs prizes on the way. More »


Tower 57 Dungeon Crawl Review

Up, down and all around…it is a tough job for one with such special skills. At times you have to dig through the sewers facing off some weird creatures only to have to climb somewhere tower to discover some hidden secrets that some will kill to stay that way. Well, it is time to cock your hammers and get ready for one intense team driven neo-retro shooter from 11 Bit Works. Let’s enter Tower 57 available right now in the Steam Marketplace.

Battle Royale Teaming up with Tournament Host

Oh snap gamers we have something interesting to share with you that play Fortnite’s Battle Royale. For those that do not know FN Battle Royale is an open world PVP game where your goal is to drop in, kill enemies solo or with a team while constructing a defense until the circle closes. Yes, I know it sounds like PUBG, but at this point, we can all agree that Battle Royale has made it it’s own game at this point. But let’s get to the meat of this news that most of you probably already heard about if you followed the twitter feed.

Rebels Win Against EA’s Microtransactions

All right gamers, it has been an interesting week as the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has brought on many controversies with developers and gamers. Some have seen EA as the evil Empire as they are the Rebel forces fighting against this injustice…I am sorry for the Star Wars references it was too easy. Either way, right now we have an update from EA talking about a big major change that I hope ends this conflict and makes everyone happy!

Gift Giving Comes to Xbox One

Today is a good day for the holiday season because like myself Santa Kuma, we love this time of year of gift giving and of course receiving. For years some of us hear our gaming buddies wish they could obtain a particular game in the marketplace or it would have been nice to gift a colleague a game you are playing so they can join in on the fun. Sadly this feature has been only on the PC through Steam Marketplace…that is until now.

Beast Gamer Review Mars Wired Controller

Yup, we received a free controller to review thanks to Brook Games and I just wanted to get that out the way for reasons that people may feel deceived. All right with that being said let’s talk gaming and let’s talk about the tools we use to perform such amazing god-like skills. I have said for years that it is not the controller but the user behind the controller that sets the bar between newb and hardcore gamer. It all comes down to all these different controllers that claim to offer precision inputs and enhances your performance. A few gamers shared the same thought that I did when I was younger, because instead of something that enhances you why not a controller that can be played on all systems like a universal remote? We getting there folks.

Razer Gaming Phone Might be the Right Move

It was bound to happen or rather get better. There have been many gaming phones throughout the years Sony had a PlayStation phone and so did Nokia at a time with their taco phone which was weird. Now Razer is coming out with their own gaming smartphone and seems to be quite interesting.

Black Friday Starts Early for pt. 1

This is going to be the start of your holiday gift guide through Kuma and that many of you know holds many games both digital and physical as well as collectibles. It is definitely an adult toy store and this beast is here to bring you the deals that you crave. Okay, that sounded like a corny commercial I do apologize.

Play-Asia Black Friday Begins

Disclaimer: We are affiliated with Play-Asia and each click and purchase you do on our website helps us out, so please do so and thank you.

It is that time of year folks and not only about spending more time with family, getting your stomachs ready for the holiday foods and of course bundling up for the cold winter. It is all those things and more with shopping and what comes with this time of year is the long-awaited black Friday deals. The best thing about the Black Friday shopping is that many companies are wising up and starting the deals off early and online. Here we are with the announcement of’s own Black Friday starting November 7th, 2017.

Sharing Thoughts on Trophy Sony Rewards Pass

Special shoutout to Amarilys for pointing out this topic to me, thank you. So, rewards are meant for those that earn them correct? I think so and it has been talked about for years ever since Achievements and Trophies became a thing. People started feeling like they needed more from what they did in games, especially when acknowledging your accomplishments is just not enough. Honestly, for me, I’ve never thought about using my trophies or achievements to unlock something physical. It is a nice thought but wasn’t on my agenda, I just want to play games. So, today originally posted by about the Sony Rewards Pass.

Brook Mars Wired Controller for PS3, PS4 and Switch

I laughed at the thought when I was younger of a universal controller that can be used on all systems. It was a childhood thought of mine to own that powerful controller where you don’t have to do much configuration and it is just plug in only. I love it when years later you hear one of your ideas become a reality because you get the impression that someone out there with the means feels the same way as you do.