Twitch Introduces new sub Plan

Twitch introduces a new partner and sub plan. More »

Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Patch Notes Released

New patch notes have been released for the new update coming on June 6th. All of these are active on the Public Test Server. More »

Born With a Controller Interviews VulpixVixenKelz

An amazing interview with VulpixVixenKelz. More »

Living Dangerous in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Latest trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. More »

Hands on Review of Mr. Shifty

Review of Mr. Shifty on the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. More »


Lockquest Announcement

A remastered handheld title making its return to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from Digital Continue. Lockquest was originally released on the Nintendo DS where you play as a boy who stumbles upon an invasion to his village. This triggers a wide war between the Clockwork Army and the Kingdom Force. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Mechrunner – Review (PS4)

What’s going on dudes and dudettes, and I’m bringing you my first series of First Impressions with Mechrunner, available meow on PS4 and PC.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series ep. 1 Review

I was waiting for the Telltale series to begin working on more Comic Book titles, especially after the Batman game I was thinking about, “When is it going to be Marvel’s turn?” I was expecting Spider-man or one of the Netflix Marvel series could work. Here we are with Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series episode 1 and I find it a good choice since the Guardians are full of drama and that is right up the Telltale series genre. Let’s check it out.

XB1C Melee Event

Oh, buddy, I am super excited about this new event coming up hosted by Xbox One Community and shall be shout cast by Hardcore League themselves. Why is Kuma so excited about this event? Well if you sit tight and have some patience you silly, I will tell you. It is all about Melee and in Battlefield 1 which is set in World War 1 the melee weapons are one of the best features in the game, well at least to me anyway. VulpixVixenKelz is bringing and interesting fight, a rumble on the battlefield where you go savage on each other, but there is a twist.

Xbox Games with Gold for May 2017

You would be lying if you said that you do not like free games. I love the spring time and so far Xbox has been kicking much booty with their Games with Gold titles and each month is like a gift. Let’s take at the free games next month!

Contra and Roboblitz Coming to Xbox One

The backward compatible hits keep coming and Xbox One is going strong with the latest additions to the retro list with Contra and Roboblitz. I know some of you already own a copy of either of these games on the Xbox 360, but you know what that means right? You just have to redownload it for free since it is already in your library, but for those select few you have the opportunity to grab these gems for yourself.

Twitch Introduces new sub Plan

What is up gamers? You can consider this your breaking news report this time on the streaming front. Today Annie Berrones posted on the subscription program for This new program will benefit twitch partners in obtaining a steady income and give subscribers more perks for being a dedicated fan. You have to admit that those that have spent thousands on streaming equipment wanted to make a living out of playing video games. This new subscription option seems to be that means to make this a reliable income for those working hard out there for their channels. Also, since twitch has involved to other talents outside of gaming. This opens the doors for the creators as well.

Hands on Review of Mr. Shifty

Have you ever wanted superpowers? Of course, you have in some form or another, but what would be the best superpowers to have? This has been an old school argument for a long time, but it seems the number one answer has been teleportation, well maybe mind control, but that’s another story. As Mr. Shifty you are a thief to infiltrate this building in order to obtain something pressure and shift through anything or anyone to reach that goal. Enjoy our review!

Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Patch Notes Released

Hey dudes and dudettes, breaking news.

New patch notes have been released for the new update coming on June 6th. All of these are active on the Public Test Server.

Happy Release day: Shiness Launch Trailer

We are going to keep it short and sweet because this is RELEASE DAY! That is right the Tuesday’s that we look forward to when those particular games that we yearned for finally are released and we take that time to go out there. Those few that support their favorite developers and companies. In that, enjoy this launch trailer!