Beast Gamers Star Wars Battlefront 2 Giveaway

That is right gamers, we are giving away 3 copies of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to those that participate in post, interacts in our channel likes comments and shares on our youtube page. Participation is key to win! More »

HyperX full-line of Peripherals Review

Lady Arsenic here sharing her review of the Hyper X gaming Peripherals. More »

Call of Duty WW II After Thought

The beta afterthought of Call of Duty WW 2 might be what you expected. More »

Destiny 2 Review

MrVadersfist has done a detailed Destiny 2 review across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More »

Injustice 2 DLC Follow up

Shadowjin has his follow-up review of Injustice 2 Fight Pack One. More »


Absolver Review

What do you see in front of your fist? It is a question that dawned on me in my youth or from an old animated movie. There was another thing taught to me when I entered martial arts, “Know the enemy in the mirror!” Meaning that no other opponent will be tougher than the one you face every day in a reflection. The best thing about entering Absolver is being chosen and given a mask that hides what I consider your soul as a faceless warrior. Showing no emotion, no fear, and no sorrow only your martial skill in an open world full of other warriors geared to be the best. Are you ready to see your fate beyond what is in front of your fist?

Evil Genome Review

I always wondered what kind of person I would be if the world were to go to crap and become a wasteland? Would I try to fix it, co-exist with it or become something else in other to survive? Hopefully, that will never come to light, but for our hero, she has a particular mission that you the gamer will have to help her accomplish.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Impressions

Welcome Z fighters to this Beta impression of Dragon Ball FighterZ which became available to a select few on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I kid you not, every time I enter a fighting games beta I expect the worst of my abilities. This happens because many betas do not offer you a tutorial they just throw you right in like Piccolo did to Gohan when he was training him and left him in the wilderness by himself. However messing around in my first match I realized some similarities and got comfortable. The worry went away and soon enough Bandai Namco on twitter started to hand out guides and control schemes for us to get a handle on it. Not bad on their part, but let me share my thoughts on the new fighter coming in Early 2018.

Injustice 2 DLC Follow up

What’s up, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s ShadowJin back again and this time I want to do a little bit of a follow-up on the DLC characters in the first of three packs to come out for Injustice 2. The first pack of fighters contains Red Hood, Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and as well as Starfire. Each of these characters are really fun to play with and add some new ways to deal with opponents. The first one to come out was Red Hood who has his twin pistols blazing, the second is none other than the deadly Lin Kuei Master Sub-Zero and, last but not least following his release is the lovely fellow Teen Titan, Starfire. The gear for these characters is pretty cool. Some of the shaders are sweet Easter egg nods to other characters. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the intros are definitely worth watching! The first character I’m going to talk about is Red Hood.

Destiny 2 Review

My fingers are clenched, the controller warmed by my tight grip as if it siphoned off my life force to fuel my Guardian’s adventure. The last few hours of gameplay running through my head, digesting the fact that just a week prior I had all 3 character classes at 400, my book of triumphs complete. Sitting there, contemplating what I had just experienced in Destiny 2. The story, the music, the mechanics and graphics passing through my mind, hearing the voices of my comrades, those who survived and those lost along the way who weren’t able to make it… I just beat the main storyline in Destiny 2.

Beast Gamers Star Wars Battlefront 2 Giveaway

In a console not too far from your own finger tips is a chance for you to defend the galaxy or rule it. This is the front of combat with the light meets with dark and face one another for one insane battle. will you side with the rebels or will you serve the Empire? Star Wars Battlefront 2 promises to give us a better experience in a large scale combat scenario in both land and air. So why not do a give away for you supporters of Kumazoku Entertainment.

Early Access: In The Name of the Tsar

Fall is drawing close and that means it is time for not only a season but new content for Battlefield 1. However, this new DLC my comrades will take you straight to the winter and the bitter cold is just right for the setting of war. In the Name of the Tsar is currently going on in Early Access for premium members to try out before its official release on September 19th, 2017. We here will go through what is involved with the DLC and give you a proper assessment of the whole package. All right soldiers don’t forget your Papakha with your Shinel and let us head to the front lines of this preview.

HyperX full-line of Peripherals Review

The doorbell rings at a quarter to 8 pm, as my other half answers the door, he witnesses a FedEx delivery man walking away. A massive box now sits upon my doorstep, He calls out to me “Are you expecting a package?”, “No?” I responded, “ Well it’s for you”, then he walks in the door with the package and states “It’s not Ticking!”. I open the box, which reveals a letter from HyperX, which starts off ironically with exactly what I was thinking.

Hands On with Gundam Versus Beta

You’ve ever built a Gundam? Do you remember you the first time you saw a Gundam series and was like, “Damn I want to pilot that?” The first time I watched Gundam was the Wing series and it was the XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe piloted by Duo Maxwell. Why the Deathscythe? Well, it is made for close quarters combat and stealth. It tripped out enemies once when it used its beam Scythe under water and of course, after it was destroyed, it only became more fierce when it returned as Deathscythe Hell which had space flight capabilities. Damn, that was one sexy machine I tell you, but I am no match for other Gunpla Veterans out there that spend hours building their favorites or customizing them as their own. Here we are with the opportunity to pilot some of the greats and many of our favorites in Gundam Vs. Beta out for the PlayStation 4 for everyone at least for this past Labor Day weekend. Join me in the pilot seat as we venture off in mech combat.

Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Aranea Highwind Pre-order

The one thing I dig more than videos games is when things in video games that become physical in the real world like action figures, weapons, apparel, and vehicles. Play Arts Kai has done a great job with many of their video game adaptation for you the collectors and here we have a nice pre-order for you Final Fantasy XV for you.