Beast Gamers Star Wars Battlefront 2 Giveaway

That is right gamers, we are giving away 3 copies of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to those that participate in post, interacts in our channel likes comments and shares on our youtube page. Participation is key to win! More »

F4F Taki Exclusive Pre-order

First 4 Figures has a fantastic new figurine of the deadly Ninja Taki from Soul Calibur and is doing a giveaway. Check it out! More »

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review

Shaodwjin here with his Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Review. More »

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review

new Review of the famed Comic Book series of 1998 comes to JRPG. More »

Genji Figure Finally Arrives from Figma

Overwatch figurine of Genji has finally come and no it doesn\'t request healing! More »


Dragon Ball FighterZ Release and DLC Info

Well, we have two more months left before the beginning of a new gaming year and of course, today was the announcement of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s release date which I am happy about since it shall be released around my Birthday. Yay me!

When Backwards Compatibility is Done Right

It is a glorious day for a gamer that has kept their collections alive. It has always been a wish for a next-gen console to support the previous games it came from like what PC can do. This is where Microsoft wins my heart when it comes to a company that caters to fans passion for their previous collection. So far, they have done a great job with Xbox 360 games and adding the addition of Xbox Pass and a teaser of an Original Xbox Game Phantom Dust was gifted to us with full online multiplayer support. That was just the beginning.

Born With a Controller Interview With UnkamenSoul

Welcome Gamers one and all to our latest Born with a Controller segment. We are here with UnkamenSoul, who is an active Twitch Streamer playing an amazing amount of games that go into all categories which makes his gaming quite enjoyable. So, of course, he would be the next subject to listen to his origin story. Let’s get right into it!

Tekken World Tournament Finals Is now Live

All right get ready for the next battle gamers! The Tekken World Tournament Finals presented by Cup of Noodles, (shrugs) It is a gamers snack of choice in some cases. However, that is beside the point because the news today is that tickets are now live so you can be there in person and of course we have the twitch information.

Criterion Closes Servers on a few Titles

Gamers, let me tell you something about my precious time racing the deadly streets of Burnout. I’ve had many fond memories of crashing into friends, doing stunts to crush my friends and of course racing against traffic and slamming into another opponent for a sweet victory. I met some cool people playing Burnout Revenge which was my favorite. It was the first Burnout title that gave you the option to attack traffic! Sigh…good times.

Trick or Treat Activision

Have a seat Activision! Do you like making your consumers happy? Of course, you do, because video games make people happy and by those assumption developers and publishers intentions are to bring joy to those that want to be a digital warrior. I mean, there is nothing like grabbing a controller and pressing that start button to be put in a world where you can be anything and earn experience through your own skill. Granted not everyone has the ability of many skilled gamers, but should that open up a world of deception? Oh, don’t be so shocked by the word, since it has recently been revealed of such acts that we had to go back and think of said games we played…DO YOU DENY THIS? (silence) Oh, not talking huh? We are going to look through this thoroughly, so sit tight.

EA’s Evolution by Shutting Down Visceral Studios

Good evening gamers and welcome to a news update which I will let you decide if it is good or bad because I am just in the middle. Today EA announces there “evolution” as their company grows which is the same business speech most places do to put a nice comfortable pillow for a huge blow in some cases. We are the consumer and it is nice when companies give us a heads up of changes within their company. This time it is a shut down of Visceral Studios who you may know them of such games as Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline, Dante’s Inferno, and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel just to name a few. Here we are and it is quite devasting.

New DLC for Resident Evil 7

I bet you thought the nightmare was over or you were the other type of gamers that anticipate a new thriller to jump right back into? What do you desire most in a horror game? Are you the type that loves the scare and feeling helpless or are you the rising hero that learns their worth as you progress through the story? This new DLC might be up your alley of intense enjoyment as you get through the dark realm of monsters! Be ready for the Biohazard.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Thoughts

Things have been quite interesting with Destiny 2 in certain ways. The rush to reach level 200, thanking on nightfalls, figuring out the fastest way to get through the raid effectively and of course the return of Iron Banner. We are going to focus our time on that portion of the game and to critique the first season. Was it everything we hoped for and was it an improvement from the first game?

Does Raiding Work for Every Game?

Sorry for the misleading title, but to be clear we are discussing the idea around raids being questionable for certain games. So far, I keep thinking about raids in a general scope of endurance with tough opponents and having to grind to reach a certain level to survive. This concept has been mostly in MMORPG’s and in many cases, regular RPG’s where you have to level up your team to tackle certain obstacles before you reach the main boss. Can raids work in games outside the MMORPG genre?