Spider-man Thwips Through E3

Shadowjin shares his excitement for Marvel\'s Spider-man coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. More »

Ladies’ War III: Tekken 7 Tournament

Miss Kanzuki is running an all Female fight club on Tekken 7 coming this June 30th. More »

Is the Crew 2 Overwhelming?

Sharing thoughts on The Crew 2 announcement. More »

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite E3 and Story Demo

Finally a demo of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite on PlayStation 4 and Shadowjin here with his take. More »

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Reaction

Kikee here with her take on the new Dragonball Fighter Z coming from ArcSystem games. More »


PlayStation Plus Free Games Looking Better

I will not sugar coat it that I have been salty with the free games for PlayStation Plus for a while now. However, since the beginning of Spring 2017 they have stepped up their game giving away some decent titles for free. This time around we have the August line up that will impress you.

Customization 101 in NFS Payback

Here we are on this Wednesday with a trailer reveal coming from Need for Speed showing off the customization in Payback. However, after watching the trailer I was impressed, but a bit under-whelmed.

Games with Gold August 2017

Games with gold is looking for August 2017 with some pretty sweet games being released for free to Xbox Gold members. The announcement comes today and I would hope you took advantage of some of the free titles in July before time runs out.

Tricked out Rides in Need for Speed

Sorry for the click bait style title, but not really click bait since most of you know that the new Need for Speed: Payback will feature some intense customization. Today on twitter the developers did give us a tasty look at some neon light add-ons for the upcoming street racing title. Let’s see that tweet.

PS4 Update may Allow us to Change our Gamertag

Bring on the Monday news good people and keep in mind this is not concrete information, but checking out Eusgamer blog talking about the firmware update 50 coming from Sony soon might allow us to finally change our gamertags.

European Deadzone Getaway in Destiny 2

Nothing like a summer get away to the back woods right after your base is destroyed and your powers are stripped away from you. What does one do with all that free time? Do we regroup and plan a strategy of attack against this stronger Cabal enemy? Of course, we don’t, no sir we go out to the cabin in the woods to play soccer duh! Welcome back all as we update you on the latest stress test update for Destiny 2 beta and I am here with Lady Arsenic to share the experience. This latest stress test does not give us a huge raid or a new event that we all could test out. Instead, they just dropped a whole bunch of us in this closed area to explore what we can and as Lady stated to dance on everything possible. Check out her live stream video showing off the experience.

Steven Universe: Save the Light Console Announcement

Steven Universe has been the cartoon to touch base on many subjects that have touched many watchers. I came to the series late around season two, but oh man was I hooked after that. San Diego Comic Con is happening right now and during this time we get a glimpse of many trailers and at times video game announcements. Steven Universe: Save the Light will be the first game for the cartoon series that will play like an RPG. I believe that is the best genre to put it as, especially with many RPG style characters and adventures that I hope they adapt well for the genre.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Maximum Trailer

Happy Friday to you all and what a hot Friday it is to dish out some new news for your on the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom infinite title. Today we obtained an all new trailer showing off Spider-man, Frank West, Mayor Haggar, and of course Nemesis. Let’s take a look at this hot fire trailer if you have not seen it already.

Infinite Might be Sonic’s True Match

Seems like our favorite blue streak might have met his match being that Dr. Eggman is forming his own team to take on Sonic and his pals. Today we are introduced to a new villain named Infinite. This character seems to be packing more speed than Sonic can charge up. I hope he figures something out or this might be it for our hero.

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions PS4

Early Access is a beautiful thing at times and right now the Destiny 2 beta is live for those that Pre-ordered. I of course obtained both versions on the PS4 and Xbox One, but we are going to try it out on the PS4 for now. This is a first impression not a review, we shall touch base on what we feel that has improved and what we will expect when the final release comes out. We do have a strike video to share with you all so that is something to look forward too indeed. In that being said, let’s do the thing!