Peel back the Layers of Fear Review

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Elgato’s Stream Deck Hot New Device

Elgato\'s latest device will give streamers a better experience for their channels with Stream Deck. More »

Mass Effect Andromeda Review

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Lethal League Coming to Consoles

Over 400,000 units sold on Steam, so I am not surprised that it is moving on to consoles. I only tried it out briefly on PC and even I had a blast with the game, especially the four player action going around in a comedic brawler close quarters setting. Check out the console release trailer.

Age of Triumph Launch Trailer

This chapter of Destiny is coming to a close and my Titan is F*CKING ready to go out with a bang! On March 28, 2017, enter the Age of Triumph DLC that is exclusive to the Rise of Iron expansion. There will be a new record book that will be freaking huge giving you new challenges to complete. In addition to this huge record book, gamers will get to redo classic raids at light levels at 390.

Elgato’s Stream Deck Hot New Device

Soundboards have been a thing for the longest time and most of used to go that extra mile to implement the tech to things that we do like streaming. You kids today have it easy, back in the days I had to buy expensive pieces to broadcast, get a mixer and a streaming device that was the size of a router in order to do what I needed to do. Not to mention fix my computer with better components so it would not blow up while streaming. Jeez, I sound like an old man now. Nowadays you have the luxury of downloadable programs to embed a soundboard into your streams and a small device the size of a cell phone to broadcast your streams. Now Elgato has come out with a new take on soundboards with the Stream Deck.

Nelo New AI Preview and Artwork

A while ago I joined the Kickstarter for Nelo, which is a new 3rd person shoot’em up sci-fi action adventure. It brings a unique style to the genre with its incredible visuals and unique storyline, but it has been a while since I have done an update and I do apologize for that. The first part of this update is a video showing off the updated A.I system that you will face.

Peel back the Layers of Fear Review

Today we dive deep within the 2016 Psychological horror Layers of Fear developed by Bloober Team. The game itself it’s available on all Platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X, PS4, XB1), however, it is currently free to all Xbox Live Gold Members for the month of March.

Weapons of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

I was always told that “It is not the weapon, but the person behind the weapon that matters!” In short, any weapon is a great weapon if the user is a great marksman. Today comes some new information regarding the weapons that will be at your disposal for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. If you are a weapon aficionados, then check this out!

Xbox Recon Controller Looking Tasty

Who else loves the new smell of freshly open tech? Yesterday Major Nelson revealed the new Xbox Recon controller which to me looks like something out of Deus Ex. What will this new controller offer and is it worth the $69.99 price tag?

BF1 | They Shall Not Pass Easter Eggs News & Info

Hey there internutz, and oooh boy! What we got here for you today is simply mind blowing!

It has only been one week since Battlefield 1’s DLC launched for premium, and already there are 6 Easter Eggs found on all 4 maps. Just to be clear, there’s is no known connection with The Morse Code Easter Egg, where you had to decode a special code given to each player. No, these are simply little tokens of appreciation to the @BFEEcommunity from DICE, or so it seems.

Riyuji Yamazaki Enters KOF XIV

Well guys, it looks like SNK has turned up the heat yet again! Just a few days after the Whip update was announced SNK decided they couldn’t just leave her reentering the world of KOF on her own. Instead, SNK is giving us a KOF97 ThrowBack with the return of (*drum roll please*) Ryuji Yamazaki! Months can turn into days rather quickly and with that being said EVO feels more and more like its just around the corner. So all of you KOF14 contestants aiming to be EVOs King of Fighter get ready because by the looks of it Yamazaki looks like a force to be reckoned with!

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Review

What does one do when they are filled with a blood lust? Guts is a warrior that fits in nowhere, hence why he was a mercenary until one day he ran into Griffith the leader of the band of the hawk. One would think that this may have been a blessing for Guts to finally find some ground and gain comrades, but was it all leading to some dark?