Review: One Punch Man KOs with action and comedy

One Punch Man is about a hero who sends his enemies flying with—you guessed it, one punch. It is a newly released anime based off the popular webcomic turned manga with gaining traction in the United States.

This is a series that begins in a post-hero setting with baddies lurking around every day. Saitama, who is bald from special training and dons a yellow jumpsuit with matching red gloves and boots, is a hero for fun. He is already presumably at his strongest but isn’t yet recognized as a national hero. And that’s where the humor comes in.

Saitama one-handedly saved the world from impending doom on numerous occasions but never gets credit for his work. The reason why he isn’t recognized as the man who saved earth is simply because he never registered to be a hero in the hero’s association. This association requires both a physical test and a writing test. Saitama with his incredible strength excels at record-breaking rates but didn’t do so well on the writing portion. The irony then is that Genos, his cyborg disciple in the quest for achieving greater strength, scored perfectly on the Hero test and became classified as an S ranked hero with Saitama as a C class hero.

Though there are some violent scenes with monster guts spilling over, the joke keeps One Punch Man light and entertaining. There are hilarious character designs as the series kicked off with a villain reminiscent of Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z), dubbed “Vaccine Man.” There is the running joke about his one punch KOs as the audience has yet to see Saitama’s full strength. His backstory is this: In lieu of being able to find a job, Saitama decided to become a hero who could send villains flying with one punch. So much for dreams coming true! While it’s unclear just how strong he is, he has had to use more than one punch on a baddie. More often than not, Saitama is disappointed that all it takes is one punch and thus defeats enemies so nonchalantly.

There is speculation that there will only be one season as there isn’t enough manga content to continue into a second season. But fear not anime lovers! Creator Yusuke Murata (best known for football manga Eyeshield 21) is working hard on making season 2 of One Punch Man a reality. It’s easy to see why–as one of the most highly anticipated anime shows of 2015, One Punch Man does not disappoint.


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