20 Years of Pokemon Catching Them all

I can’t believe it has been twenty years since the first time I checked out Pocket Monsters on Elizabeth Street off of Canal in NYC. Such a long time has passed since I first got my hands on a copy of Pokemon and set off on that adventure catching these little creatures. Each possessing such power and fun, even though it was a cute version of animal fighting it was enjoyable. My Snorlax dominated many and as the years grew the game just evolved just like a Pokémon’s evolution. (Tears)


So much win in that little video and thanks to Nintendo Direct last year announcing the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow versions which many new trainers can experience what we did so long ago. I am looking forward to grabbing this special edition 3Ds which will go for $219.99.


However in Europe there will be a special treat for those that enjoy the 2Ds. There will be three special edition 2Ds systems with Yellow, Blue and Red versions each fitted with a pre-downloaded game.


That is not bad at all, but for you collectors out there you will know where to go to grab yours. In that I hope you trainers out there enjoy the Anniversary and remember to be the best like no one ever was. Stay frosty gamers!

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