Let’s Talk King of Fighters 14

Hello, my loves! This summer is going to be blazing hot! And I’m not talking about the anticipated record breaking temperatures I’m talking about some of the hot titles that will be hitting stores. And my most anticipated one is the KOF14! It will be in the palm of our hands on August 23. Since I’ve been calling dibs on the review since the beginning of the year it’s only fair that I tell ya what I think of all the updates that we’ve all seen.


So since Daimon was revealed this week I will start with the characters. They scream “anime quality.” It’s almost like you could when the modelers were having an on and off day at the job. For example Daimon, the guys skin looks like a wet potato. And his fellow teammate Benimaru as I said before looks like a low budget Jackie Bryant. But Andy Bogard, poor guy looks so bad he blends in perfectly to the Tekken 2 cover (kudos to whoever did this).


But on the good day side of the spectrum, some of the KOF looks amazing. Iori and Kyo got my bishounen fan girly senses tingling. Iori looks stunning And so far it looks like everyone else is in the in between range. But TBH they all scream Xenosaga. I loved the graphics of KOF13 and I know that it’s way cheaper to make 3D so I understand why SNK took that approach. But let’s hope that we don’t end up with a KOF Maximum impact 1&2 situation. And there are a ton to choose from and on launch at that. Which is virtually unheard of (*cough SF5* cough) these days. So off the bat, they’re off to a good start. But it does make me wonder what’s in store DLC wise.

Nothing new from the last thing I posted about combat and levels my stance is still the same on that. But either way, I am mad hyped for this title lets just hope I do not get another SF5 experience. I really would love this game to exceed my hype because recently I’ve just been getting major letdowns for games I’ve been anticipating. Maybe I outta stop hyping myself up but I’m a gamer, it’s what we do.


I’ve been late to the SNK game. See growing up Streetfighters were like pennies, they just were lying around everywhere. I remember playing Capcom VS. SNK 2 and wondering who the right side of the screen was. So if you are a super SNK noob or just know a little bit like myself head on to the links below and get acquainted with the fighters!


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