Hard Reset Redux Update Preview

No level grinding fluff. No pointlessly tacked-on multiplayer. Just a hardcore, no-#@%$-given, single-player FPS. Hard Reset Redux re-energizes Flying Wild Hog’s cyberpunk shooter for a new audience with an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, along with new enemies and weaponry.

Best damn thing I read all year so far. I mean honestly, some of us are asking for a game to just give us a great single player experience without the useless fluff of a copy and paste multiplayer. It will take all your skills as an SLN Soldier to battle against these Hive mind of machines to save humanity from total extinction. Sounds like a great game to get into to me, besides the sword in the video sold me already and many of you know how I am with swords in games.

New Update of 15 Minutes of Gameplay!


The world as we know it ceased to exist. Humanity is at the verge of extinction, living in the last closed city of Bezoar. Mankind wages war against the machines controlling vast areas of what became the ‘Barrens’. Machines want to control and assimilate ‘The Sanctuary’ a network that holds billions of digitalized human minds. Our hero, Maj. Fletcher, is a soldier of CLN – a corporation combat unit, established to protect the city. Machines are constantly assaulting the walls of Bezoar. Fletcher moves in when Bezoar’s protective barrier is breached.

I know what you are thinking and just let it go. If you’ve heard the story before oh well, but not too many times has the story translated well into a video game. Since this is a remastered version of a classic title, I am curious how well it will translate into the next gen systems. I am looking forward to some intense situations and possible action-packed combat in a first person single player adventure.

New Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Visuals: The game has been updated to the newest version of the RoadHog engine and includes improved lighting and effects
  • Improved Performance: Enjoy faster Load times, a new Quicksave feature and full joypad support
  • Brand New Cyber-Katana Weapon: A powerful new weapon which provides an effective close range combat option
  • Brand New Enemy Type: Various variants of a threatening new Cyborg Zombie now lie in wait for unsuspecting players
  • New Quick Dash Move: Provides players with a new movement option in battle to help avoid incoming attacks and enemies
  • Rebalanced Gameplay: The game now includes improved difficulty levels and better pacing
  • Different Enemy Placement: Enemies are introduced differently throughout the game, and provide a new challenge for even the most seasoned Hard Reset veteran.


Looks interesting as is and we thank you for stopping by to check out this preview of Hard Reset Redux coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via steam. Be sure to check back and as there might be a ten-minute gameplay video to share with you the great people. Stay frosty gamers!

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Title: Hard Reset Redux

Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Genre: Cyberpunk First-Person Shooter

Platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Release: Coming Soon

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