SFV Quest: Noob Player Enters

I have been a fan of the Street Fighter series for a long time and I have told the story of how I first came about my very first Street Fighter on my uncle’s computer. However through the years from the arcades and of course the handhelds, Street Fighter has been a hit or miss for me and I felt discouraged to continue on this quest, but as a gamer I can’t limit myself.

How it Begins

A Noob’s Journey


It seems that I skipped a generation as Street Fighter titles come out where I played horribly from Street Fighter II Turbo:Hyper Fighting, the Sega Genesis version of Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition and even one of the best of the series Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. So, where did I start to get a bit better? It started with the Alpha series on the Sega Saturn and then went on to the Capcom vs. series where any of them had the same mechanics that I could get around. The game that really made me feel comfortable was Marvel vs. Capcom and being able to  switch between Ryu’s forms made combos so much easier. I really took to the one SF that many gamers hated and that was Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha series that took on the 3D element. Then came SF III: Third Strike with the unique parry system.

The best handheld version was Super Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on the PSP. Modifying my PSP’s D-pad was the best decision I made when that came out, because using that D-pad that stuck to your D-pad was a poor choice.

The re-release on the PlayStation 3 brought back memories as did the re-release of the HD Remix of Street Fighter II which had Akuma in it. Charge characters were my fatal flaw, but my homie Dre helped me get through Street Fighter IV Series and all its versions with his Blanka skills. I was maining, or sticking to a character as my main fighter, Evil Ryu from Ryu. However, I did notice the flaw in Ultra Street Fighter IV which made the mechanics way to easy and didn’t have that traditional fighting game feel to it. It made me go back to basics.

A Worthless Victory


At some point, I had to admit that even though I have won most battles online and offline, it felt empty because I was not pushing the potential of the character I was using. Even though the salty players sh*tted on my skills, they lost. Eventually, I realized that the way I was using my character made me feel like a useless idiot. I have seen many players perform amazing combos and set off some unique techniques. I didn’t want to pick up that controller again unless I could push the game and characters to their utmost potential. As a gamer it is my duty to show that skill and amazement as I do in other games. It does feel like a form of disrespect by not giving my opponent a worthwhile fight; even though they should not fall for the same boring simple moves in the first place.

Suck it up and Learn


Searching for help in this matter was a huge step in both asking and weeding through the a**holes who felt too good to teach. Luckily enough there is the internet with streetfightergod.com that goes through some nice details with every character and the basic mechanics of the most recent Street Fighter V. It goes through the terminology of the game, detailed instructions on what you need to stop doing and the combos. However, my buddies Ceeja and Kyron came in for some hands-on training where they went into some brutal explanations on how to discover my potential. The first step was finding what kind of fighter I want to play as. Since I favored Bryan Fury in Tekken, Mila and Rig from DOA. I tend to use heavy hitting fighters and with that Ceeja suggested Ryu, since he is pretty aggressive in the game. I am also good with timing since they have the parry system for Ryu again in SFV.

It’s crazy how Ceeja performed a full parry against my V trigger Fireball, but it is easier to parry here than in Third Strike.

That Parry

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me and I hope to share some epic battles with you in the future. I expect some salt and a lot of trash talk, but I will get through it. I will be battling on the PlayStation 4 and I am waiting on a new arcade stick to see if I can further my skills or just stick with my regular controller. In the end, my goal is to maybe compete and have fun at the same time while staying humble. Bring it on gamers.

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