The Division Conflict 1.2 Update Review

The latest free update is finally here with Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.2 Conflict. It is a free update from Ubisoft where we get new missions of Search and Destroy and of course new high-value targets. Now, before we go in-depth with this review I would like to start you gamers off with a preview video of what exactly goes on dealing with a High-Value Mission. I have special guest Tchooch, DrDeath, Kansas, Cherdos who is in the background playing another game and of course myself Shadowkuma as we are hunting down Ceaser. Please enjoy and continue with the review afterwards.

Ubisoft has heard the outcry of fans for the longest time and you have to give them kudos for performing many free updates to help us have a better experience. In that being said I do understand some of the concerns of players that have purchased this title and have had not much of an interesting experience. Too bad, because my friends and I still enjoying the things to come and so far the drops are a lot better.

Let’s Talk about the Good:


Bring on the new Incursions, new missions and new high-value targets to tackle! before the initial update we had a lot of math to deal with in terms of DPS and Stamina, but now we are dealing with the toughness that makes things a whole lot easier to deal with. I mean do not get me wrong there is still the matter of putting on the proper gear to get your three stats to where it needs to be, but I believe they still need to work on that.

The drops are a lot better, especially with the new search and destroy missions as well as the high-value target missions. In search and destroy you go to a safe house and pick up the mission from the board, which you get three missions to deal with. In these three missions you tackle on enemy areas and with each are you obtain intel that you will use at the Postmaster to obtain specific missions either in Daily or Weekly. The Weekly’s are your best bet when you want to obtain top notch mint green gear. They are tough, so I would not recommend going in as a one person army or you will be left crying. In that, I should not have to state that this is a Teamed Based Video Game and should be taken as such all the time.

The Dark Zone now has a new feature that makes the PVP experience more enjoyable now that as a Division Agent, we can now cut the extraction line. That is right it is key to now paying attention to your gear just in case someone wants to run up with their crew and disrupt your extraction but cutting the supply line. This brings in a new level of competitive gaming and gives you an opportunity to play more strategic or tactical. Besides that is such a d*ck move to add into the Dark Zone, but I love it.

What About The Bad:


I still feel that the equipment should be better as advertised. There is nothing more annoying then picking up a Mint Green piece of gear and it is weaker than your current gold, purple or hell blue. Yes, you can re-roll the gear, but the it is not enough to be something worth wild. Also, why is it that we can only re-roll that one item one time and can only re-roll that one perk that was rolled in the first place. I would not mind going back and doing some more rolls and it is my funds I am using so why not?

You have to stop being picky on which guns are more O.P then others. As of right now SMG’s are top of the line reaching close to 12.5k at least that’s the drop I got with the Aug. However, I am an LMG and shotgun kind of guy and even though shotguns are good for that level and higher, it seems you neglect to make an LMG that standard. I say pick a few of each in a category of guns and make them high-level damage. Hell, my pistol does 11.5k damage on its own as you saw in the video above.

Also, my buddy TCooch would like rocket launchers, but that might be asking for a bit much. Hell, you never know what heavy weapons you might bring in the future.

Still need to fix some of the glitches that are happening in some cases when healed I can’t get up or some situations where we are stuck in place.


The Division Conflict 1.2 brings us a new challenge and more grinding options to tackle the new incursion which is challenging as all hell. I do suggest farming the high-value targets before taking on Columbus Circle and be sure to plan your attack before stepping foot in the raid. I am not giving up on this game, there are some needs for improvement, but so far with all these free updates I am still having fun as a multiplayer game. I am not going to sit and lie that I am not having fun because it is a fun title and I hope they continue to fix some of the problems and keep communicating with the fans.


Tom Clancy’s The Division Conflict Update gets 3.5 Paws out of 5.


Kzoku Paw Rating 3 Half new

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