Video Game Delay’s Aren’t That bad

Help me to understand why in this day and age you would want anything that is technical rushed? Did you complete that game you bought a month ago? Did you get all those beautiful trophies that came with it? Are you the best of the best…of the best in the multiplayer portion of said game? No…then quit your whining for a new content. Okay, that is not fair because there is more to it than the supply to your endless demand. In all honesty, when has a game that was rushed ever been good? Let’s address the issue of death threats and Sean Murray delaying what looks to be a complicated open world adventure known as No Man’s Sky in my video below.

Game Rant originally posted the article where Sean Murray fires back with a witty comment.

Even dropped a home alone reference in there. I tip my hat off to you sir and dammit you the hell you think you are threatening someone that is trying to make sure your game experience is an enjoyable one. I mean, to be honest, you have complained, cried, whined and or frowned about a game coming out too soon and it is horrible. This is an ongoing situation with a lot of titles that were promised to be good and yet fail short.

Games like God of War took 3 years to make, and many other titles that have been delayed for example Bioshock Infinite which had a few delays. The end results were freaking brilliant and many of you were happy with the finished product, which shows that taking your time works.


In the end, quit your whining and let them do their jobs so we can be satisfied cruising the cosmo’s and exploring new worlds. Stay frosty gamers!

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No Man’s Sky will be released on August 9, 2016, for both PS4 and PC, unless they feel they need to do more work if so let them.


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