Co-op Review of 20XX

Trickster and Kuma team to do our very first Co-op review tackling the rouge style game of 20XX featuring some killer Megaman style gameplay. Why are we doing a co-op review? Well, I am glad you asked even if you might have not. 20XX features a co-op mode where you get to play as either Nina or Ace depending on what you prefer or you can both be Nina or both be Ace.



Taking an original Megaman concept and revamping it for a new co-op experience.
Classic nostalgia platform experience that pulls no punches in challenges.
Visually the game is beautiful and colorful. The character designs are fun and the enemies are pretty engaging.
At an 11.99 price tag it is worth it.


Controls can get weird at times.
Bonus rooms are a bit repetitive.



It came down to a split decision between Mr. Trickster and me as far as the game goes. We did agree that it is worth the price tag and many people will definitely enjoy this title over Mighty No. 9. Trickster gives 20XX a 4 out of 5 and Beast Gamer Kuma stays at a steady 3.5 out of 5. Definitely, pick this game up which is available right now. Stay frosty gamers and keep making magic!

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