Skyrim Remastered…Why?

When I first heard “Skyrim Remastered” I could have sworn it was just a joke. However much to my dismay, it appears that trolling has gone wrong. Now you might be asking why I am being so negative right now. It’s not that I dislike Skyrim, I do like it. However, I feel there is no reason to remaster a game under 5 years old and I will enlighten you on why.

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Well, let’s just look at the first and obvious reason. Why remaster a game that I can buy for $30.00 tops from various outlets? Let’s say Skyrim remastered comes out with a retail price around $40 – $60 bucks. We’ve seen many remasters that have had that price range. However, those games are often very old. Skyrim is still a baby here guys, why should consumers pay more for a game they can get that’s less? Seriously I could probably private the game on my laptop right now as I’m typing. Unless there is gonna be a bunch of new content I honestly don’t see why we should have to pay any more than $30 bucks for this game.

The other reason that has been intriguing me is the “why” behind this. I truly feel that “paid mods” is the soul reason behind this. Now bare with me here peeps, this is just pure speculation, but based on prior actions by Bethesda/Valve. But let me just clarify a few things before I get to that. For those of you who don’t know I.E console gamers like me, mods are what pretty much give PC games a uniqueness. The ability for gamers to take a game and add anything they want. Customize their gaming experience and turn games into their own personal world. The skies are the limits for moders. I’ve seen everything from Ryu in Skyrim to giant watermelons falling from the sky. So where do “paid mods” come in? Console gamers do not have access to mods like PCS gamers due. Skyrim is still played actively by PCS gamers. One could argue that mods are a big reason behind it. Please keep in mind while there are people who do sell their mods, for the most part, they’re free. Moders have a passion and like to share their talent and creativity for the rest of the PC world to experience. In essence, it’s like a community.


Now the paid mods. Bethesda and Valve thought it would be a stellar idea to make mods payable through Steam. What resulted was a 10:0 matchup. PC consumers were beyond pissed. It was as if every PC gamer on the planet banded together to engage in an all-out verbal warfare against Bethesda and Valve. PC consumers wasted no time voicing their disgust. But what made people so mad was that Bethesda and Valve would be getting most of the profits from the paid mods. I.E they would be getting hella cash for other people’s hard work. It didn’t blow over too well and paid mods for Skyrim stopped almost as soon as it began.

So yea paid mods don’t work on Pc….. but us console folk could be a different story. Again sheer speculation but think about it. We don’t have access to mods. However, if they were made and put up for sale I’m sure many of us console folk would be more than willing to get out feet wet and try em out. But with all the new and awesome games that have since come out, Skyrim is most likely chilling on the shelf. So how do we get people back into Skyrim? Idk how about slap “remastered” on it. Add some extras and BAM that should get the ball rolling! Like I said this is speculation. But why else would they remaster a game that’s less than 5 years old!?


And my last point Elder Scrolls Morrowind anyone? That game came out in 02. Over 10 years old. Tons of die-hard fans would love to play it again. Shoot they could even sell paid mods through console for a Morrowind remake. But see remaking that game takes time, effort, and most important… money. So sorry newbies Dagoth Ur will not welcome you!

So this is just my personal opinion here folks. Unless Skyrim remastered has ManSlayer mods or tons of extra content, then I really do not see the point in this. Due to Bethesda’s past attempts at selling mods, there’s a potential to test it out on console gamers. PC gamers weren’t working. But taking into consideration the difference between console and PC gaming just might open doors. And by doors I mean wallets. To make it clear I am not against companies making money. Especially if it’s not ripping off the consumer. BUT to remaster a game that hasn’t reached its 5th anniversary yet is absurd. Who knows what’s to come from Bethesda. But I seriously don’t see the point of “Skyrim Remastered” for the time being.




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  • Brett Nicholas Kahn

    Skyrim is an easy remaster job. The groundwork is solid and wouldn’t need any kind of polygonal overhaul. Bethesda said that they didn’t do Oblivion because the game would require way too much time and work. They’d basically have to reMAKE the game not remaster. And if they did Morrowind? That would definitely require a full ground-up remake. I mean that game doesn’t even have voice acting and by 2016 standards looks extremely dated. Not that I wouldn’t want either of those games remade, but it’s more of a project than remastering Skyrim. Plus Skyrim is by far the most popular game in the series and will likely sell the best of the recent 3 games. Lower budget, higher sales. From a business standpoint, it’s a no-brainier. Over half of the games companies have been remastering lately are less than 5 years old anyways so I fail to see the merit to that argument. Tomb Raider, sleeping dogs, last of us, God of war 3, Darksiders 2, dead island, Odin sphere, the list goes on. Besides, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. This is for people who want to play Skyrim for the first time/again and want to use their current gen console AND have it look like its a current gen game. If this ends up selling well, it could mean they will start working their way back to oblivion and Morrowind. If the demand is apparent, the supply will be fulfilled.

    • All Points true and I feel that Skyrim still looks cool especially PC standards and even an added bonus to people that own it on PC will get a free upgrade anyway that is good. I wished they did the same for those that own it digitally on the PS3.

  • Hvd

    well think about it how good did skyrim look on pcwith mods real good its remastered and will look even better with mods on pc.

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