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With all the disappointment in the gaming industry going around these days, it makes me wonder how we gamers haven’t started going full on emo yet. After the huge disappointment SF5 presented to me, I often wondered if I should stop hyping myself up and actual spoil games for myself from now on. Dodge the “bullet of disappointment” so to speak. But right when the gaming world is looking bleak BAM! Odin Sphere swoops and saves the day! Shining it’s light down upon gamers reminding us of a time when games were made for fun instead of money. So hold off on the skinny jeans and the lip ring cuz Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a unique gaming experience that will satisfy all expectations of what a great game should be!


Well, it’s war time. Yes folks as with 99.9999999999% of game plots, this one starts with a war. Two warring kingdoms Raganival and Ringford to be specific. It starts off with a battle between two armies; The Demon Lord’s Army and the Fairy Army. They both have their eyes on the Cauldron, a powerful artifact that produces infinite Phozons. Phozons are magical elements or power of life. Whoever gains control of the Cauldron will be granted the typical run of the mill all mighty power so to speak. So yea it starts out pretty linear You begin as Gwendolyn one of the Demon Lord’s daughters. But all isn’t well on your side of the fence. The Demon Army is getting bodied. But fear not after the (spoiler alert… well kinda) death of Gwendolyn’s sister Griselda she passes on her all mighty weapon to her. The rubber band effect ensues and the Demon Lord’s Army reaches the Cauldron. But things go left real quick when a mysterious witch shows ups and takes Gwendolyn’s life in an unexpected direction.



Let me take a moment and applaud the art directors for this game. It is beautiful. For a side scrolling platformer, they do this great job of making sure the characters do not blend into the background. The art it unique. It’s not your typical run of the mill anime style. The animation is fluid, everything moves swiftly. So the game is beyond aesthetically pleasing. So the game looks good, but you know what they say about things that look good right? There’s a catch, right? Odin Sphere literally seems too good to be true at the time because the gameplay is flawless.

Before I get to the combat I must mention the games interesting approach to leveling up. Aside from curb stomping the enemy, your character levels up by eating. That’s right eating. You can either use Phozons to grow food, eat at a restaurant, or with the right ingredients in hands have the chef cook up a dish for ya. The characters chow down without packing on the pounds, but much like real life food cost an arm and a leg. Stuffing your face is crucial because the A.I doesn’t play in this game. If you’re under leveled, you will be feeling it and pretty hard at that.

The combat is more than just mashing square in different directions. For basic moves, yes you do hit square in different directions. But the game changes it up by adding special attacks. The only way to unlock these is finding Phozon Prisms within the levels. There are other things used to unlock different skills as well. Plus if skills and going beast mode is not your thing then there are plenty of items to aid players in combat.
Thankfully Odin sphere still keeps the creative juices flowing when it comes to getting items, food, equipment and such. Rather than dropping coin at the merchants shop, you can make items using alchemy. And it gets even better. There is a rewarding system in play. After battles, players are graded on performance and receive a chest full of goodies. The better the grade, the better the loot. So make sure you bring your A game to every fight! Because it can save your heroes a ton of bank.

Lastly, the map is pretty easy to navigate. The interface for the map itself is pretty interesting and by keeping it simple, it just adds to the enjoyment of the game. Rooms are hidden but they do show what items are in them when revealed. So try your best not to rush to the main boss rooms. If any of the terms I used in this review have you tilting your head, Odin Sphere has a library. One that you can access at any moment in your journey. So you won’t have one of those “wtf is going on” moments that we have all grown accustomed to with so many anime games. As far as replay value goes there are other characters with other story modes that start/end in different periods. So with that being said players won’t beat the game in 4 hours and then just be sitting there wondering what else to do with themselves.


To help you understand why I am so in love with this game, you guys must know that is wasn’t even on my radar. I’ve been so busy with work/school I have barely any time to keep up with some of the other titles coming out. I was literally given a game and went in blindfolded. And much to my surprise, it was the breath of fresh air I was looking for. The game is a perfect 5 out of 5. There’s so much to do, interesting story, characters, combat etc. Have extra cash lying around, aimlessly wandering through GameStop trying to figure out what to get? Well, I encourage you to pick up Odin Sphere Leifthrasir because I’m 100% sure it will satisfy any gamers appetite!

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June 7, 2016

T for Teen

“Storybook Edition” PS4
PS Vita



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