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While attending Evo 2016, rather than focus on the chaos of hyped matches, KOF14/Tekken7 lines, and the attendees placing money bets on the sidelines, I choose to focus on the indie developers. Ya know the little guys who play a big role in the industry. More often than not, these developers tend to have unique games and accomplish so much, with ¼ the budget of a triple-A developer. They have found a way to maximize creativity, simplicity, and solid gameplay which captivates a good amount the gaming population. These games I played at EVO are no exception. Some super simple, some more complex. But one thing they all have in common is a bright future ahead!using.

First up to the plate is the whimsical Little Bug! As I was making my rounds chatting with developer reps when a flash of neon color caught my eye! And just like the feeling of the game I found myself isolated from the rest of the world and gravitating toward the bright light. Upon picking up the control, much to my delight, I was immersed into the world of Little Bug immediately.

After speaking to the makers of the game I learned that Little Bug is the platformer that revolves around the gameplay of a Little Girl, and her bright Firefly friend. She must make her way through the world using the telekinetic energy of her firefly friend. Using the light to get through the darkness of the world.

What makes Little Bug so easy to dive into is a multitude of things. First is the graphics. It is literally like playing through a dream. The atmosphere is very dark. But through its use of intense shadows, rich darks, and vibrant neon light Little Bug creates a world of its own. This unique environment is accompanied by an interesting soundtrack. The music effortlessly fades in between loud and faint. Giving off an eerie feeling. Which works perfectly with the imagery. All this game needs is FFX Tidus voice over and you’ll be floating in a dreamland questioning reality.


But the most impressive feature of this game is the two stick controls. You see in order to move the little girl from point A to B, the player has to use her firefly friend with the right joystick. From there the player must use the fireflies energy and the joystick to bring the girl to the desired platform. Just explaining this sounds a bit complicated. Little Bugs controls are easy, and inputs are smooth. They chose a control scheme which is pretty risky and perfected it. There are also obstacles in the way which the Firefly can take out. Or some the player must completely avoid like the neon hands or tear drops. Instead of saves, Little Bug offers and interesting checkpoint system. The player collects an item at a checkpoint which fill a glass jar. This only adds to the whimsical feel of the game.


Overall this game is amazing, and actually is just a demo. Instead of running out and throwing 60 bucks into a low content DLC fest, I highly suggest downloading the Little Bug demo. It’s different, fun to play, and easy on the eyes. You can get it for the p.c. and use the controller or keyboard. There is also a free download at the end of the demo! Just to add an extra hint of awesome. I await the full version of this game. Like the Firefly this game most definitely has a bright future ahead of it. For more info follow @buddysystemla on facebook and twitter!

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