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I ask you this gamers, how could you improve on a classic? Anyone else as old as I am may have played Tetris either on an old computer or on a Gameboy. Maybe later on in life you got to play the many different versions of Tetris in its infinite glory. There have been some minor changes or graphic improvements, but someone has made Tetris their own style of game with amazing artwork, hilarious wizard characters and a weird objective with magic abilities that could make or break you depending on your stacking ability. Let’s see how it plays, shall we?


The best part of any game is jumping right into it. You do have some interesting options of vs either local or online and of course, the single player where you have trials or endless battle survival mode. Being that I am limited to just the single player mode we are not going to dabble too much into others until I can set something up for online battles.

As of right now you only have four wizards to choose from and as the rhyme states.

Stack your bricks in the land of fable, whose marvelous tower will be the most stable? Cast magic to support your construction, fend off dark spells to avoid destruction.


The trick to that is you have to earn spells once you reach a magical line when stacking your towers. Once you do there will be an option to either use Dark magic or Light magic. I began playing the game wrong I have to admit thinking if I stacked correctly like as if I was playing Tetris, it would give me the victory. I was hilariously mistaken since tricky towers work more on being on your toes trying to find the perfect stack and keeping it stable. There will be some missions that will give you a three heart meter, but if stacks start to fall it will hurt your health and once it reaches zero that is game.


Tricky Towers bring’s a nice level of challenges with an intense puzzle experience that will give you the same fun as playing an extreme game of Jenga. In a four player co-op scenario which I am glad can be done locally as well will definitely make an awesome party game. You and three other players would use your magic abilities to thwart each other using dark magic or maybe use light magic as a friendly gesture.



Tricky Towers was better than I expected with fun characters, interesting magical twist to an old classic. Revamping said classic which WeirdBeard Games has now made it their own and all around having a challenging fun party game with friends or meeting other gamers to fun competition. There is a nice online leaderboard in survival mode to see who can stack the highest which is held by the developers…for now.


  • Frantic physics action puzzle gameplay
  • Local and online multiplayer with 2-4 players
  • 3 different multiplayer modes; race, survival, and puzzle
  • 50 challenging single player trials
  • Leaderboard mode: compare how you stack up
  • 17 powerful light and dark magic spells

Tricky Towers will be available on August 2nd on PlayStation 4 and Steam Marketplace for 14.99, but for PlayStation Plus members in August, it will be a free title. I can’t see anything bad about this title a perfect 5 out of 5 paws. There is a certain nostalgia to the game and a fun unique experience that keeps me going back. I hope you enjoyed this review and please definitely put this in your cart for purchase. I hope to get a game with you and make some interesting stacks. Stay frosty gamers!

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