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One thing that makes indie gaming great is the ability to have free range over how creative the games can be. Rather than follow a formula that appeals fans if games with a similar design, indie developers can do what they please. And Lifeless Planet does just that. Instead of designing an overly complex game the mimics some traits if the triple As, Lifeless Planet takes players on a journey. The mystery surrounding this game will have player glued to their controllers, as the clues in the environment leave them guessing.


The story is actually pretty linear. However, that doesn’t take away from the game at all. The game begins with an astronaut crash landing on a desolate planet. Although the landing wasn’t quite what he intended, like a true soldier, he’s gotta continue the mission whilst finding the rest of his crew. However, things take a dark and mysterious turn. And a simple mission becomes something much bigger.


What makes Lifeless Planet so amazing is how the story alone can compel the player to keep going while using the simplest gameplay around. There isn’t much here other than simple platforming. This little guy can run, jump, and pick up items. That’s just about it as far as controlling the astronaut is concerned. However what makes this game truly magical is the exploration and its ties to the story. Throughout your exploration like a true space range players will collect samples and document findings. The mystery in this game is documented in recording scatter throughout the planet. These along with the various areas will have players guessing and eager to see what’s around then next corner.

As far as music goes you will be hearing footsteps most of the time. However, this was clearly done intentionally. When players make a discovery loud, eerie music will start to play and then just like that fade back into nothingness. This actually makes the game pretty intense and adds to the eerie and mysterious feel.


The only issues I had during gameplay was some of the jet packing. Hopping from rock to rock at some points did get a bit annoying. But nothing glitchy. There isn’t much challenge as far as exploration goes. Your astronaut can die as many times as desired. Players will respond at their last checkpoints. Players will also have to refill their oxygen tank at certain points but again it’s not very challenging.



I highly suggest you guys pick this one up. The simple gameplay, unique concept, and overall mystery make Lifeless Planet a work of art. Often games like these go overlooked or even worse are misconceived. The overall simplicity coupled with the game’s mysterious setting are what make this game. I normally do not go for these types of games. However, I was compelled to keep going upon each discovery made. And for that Lifeless Planet gets a 4 out of 5. I don’t know if I could have asked for more out of this game. The goal is to keep the player interested and Lifeless Planet doesn’t miss the mark!

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