The Technomancer Review

If you ever wondered what would happen if humans finally colonized on Mars and have never seen Total Recall, well it is what to be expected. A war breaks out and in this case, it is over water which seems to be a limited source and even after 200 years peace could not be achieved and things have gotten worse. As a Technomancer your duty is to your cooperation or so they lead you to believe as you start seeing all the corruption and pain surrounding you, it becomes clear that you need to take matters into your hands as you are torn between moral choices.



  • The storyline is pretty decent for what it has.
  • Combat is fun for the most part and gives you options between classes to level up.
  • Some of the creatures and enemies are okay in terms of a challenge.
  • Your A.I. companions do work and hardly ever linger when it comes to battle and that is impressive.



  • Visually this game is on par with PS3 maybe PS2 graphics.
  • Trying too hard to have a Mass Effect experience, but only failing in the choice system.
  • The Dialogue is horribly done with voice acting leaving you with little interesting and having you skip most of what is going on.
  • The controls are clunky and will frustrate you while you try to use the lock on feature to best take down enemies. It will leave you pissed how your combos do not chain properly.
  • Glitches galore as if they skipped the initial Beta testing phase or just ignored their testers.
    The price tag of 44.99 on Steam is way too much.


The Technomancer is not entirely a bad game. There are a few problems that need to be addressed hopefully in future patches but as of right now. I would suggest waiting for a sale or just rent it on the consoles. We give The Technomancer 2 and a half paws out of 5. Stay frosty gamers!

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