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The first game I had the pleasure of playing at EVO 2016 was Blade Ballet. Between the adorable robots and the vibrant colors splashed on the screen, it created a magnetic force that sucked me right in! And it only got better from there. This game is packed with a variety of modes, characters, action- packed combat, and adorable graphics which will have players engaged for hours!


The concept of this awesomeness ironically came from another developer’s mistake. Upon talking to Rebecca, I found out that the mechanics were inspired by watching a glitch in another game! So this actually makes for some pretty epic combat.

You see the concept of this game is 4 on 4 robot brawl. Robots twirl around in a circle whilst attempting to bop their opponents. But it’s not that simple for the robots to go flying when struck with powerful attacks. Don’t be a bloodthirsty big man either! In my own blood thirst, I found myself killing my own Robot.


Remember what I said about being sucked into the colors. The graphics are bright and colorful. Simply delightful. It’s like playing in a digital playground, but the Bots are distinct so they won’t get lost in the background. Something the developers did very well.

Also, all this talk about Robots makes these guys absolutely to die for! They are pretty unique, and designed off everyday appliances and machines (my favorite being Steve). If you’re looking for some Steel Battalion, Metal Gear types, you won’t find it here. But that doesn’t mean these little guys don’t pack a punch! Whether it be swords, or maces these little guys each come equipped with their own weapon. But Blade Ballet doesn’t stop there. They each have something special that can give them the advantage during combat. There are 10 of these little guys so choose wisely or do what I did and pick purely on aesthetics! You’ll have fun regardless.


Last but not least along with the Bots comes a variety of levels and modes. There’s a Timed Deathmatch, stock, and Soccer mode. Levels can either be boxed in or if you’re really ready for a challenge opened with cliffs to whirl off of. Doesn’t stop there! Get ready for conveyor belts, giant blocks and array of obstacles that make combat even more intense.

Lucky for everyone Blade Ballet comes out for steam and Ps4 this August! The 9th to be exact. So keep your eyes peeled and bust them piggy banks folks because Blade Ballet is sure to fill players with hours of multiplayer action backed goodness.

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