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What is up gamers? It has been a hot weekend and now we are in the third week of August getting close to more releases. Recently was the 27th anniversary of one of my favorite games Altered beast which was released in 1989 and it was my first Sega Genesis Games in a bundle with Sonic the Hedgehog. At first it scared me because I was not a fan of anything horror and this title had some horror elements with the undead enemies and monsters. The thing that made me change my mind was the fact that I was a Monster myself that powers up into a Super Beast. I still have my alarm set to wake me up with, “Rise from your grave!” which is my own gaming nostalgia. However, after my last discussion on remastered titles or re-releases. I could not help but wonder what company would be great to do a proper sequel to this title.


I rebought Altered Beast when the Sega Classic collections came out for the PS3 and I was shocked how short the game was, especially with two player co-op. Do not get me wrong I still enjoyed my time with the game, but I guess my memory when I was a child the game was a lot longer. Having the ability to transform into a Wolf, Dragon, Bear and a Tiger also the added addition of special abilities in their form made this a unique hero title. It was linear at the end of each stage you fight a boss and then your powers are taken away for you to start again. Each enemy you kill will grant you a buff where you look like a roid soldier until you go full beast mode.


Now in the early 2000’s I saw in the PlayStation mag or PSN that a new Altered Beast for the PlayStation 2 was coming to the states. The demo was just video gameplay showcasing two guys one in red and the other in blue like Double Dragon and the funny thing is the demo featured them turning into an Electric Dragon.

This is where things get a bit sad because apparently the PS2 version was released, but it was only overseas which sucks as much as the unreleased game of Starcraft Ghost. I mean it is one thing if it became Vaporware, but this game actually game out there is a physical import copy out there for me to obtain somehow. Thankfully out of the grace of the gaming gods I acquired a copy of this European PS2 game and I was not expecting it to have this much of a horror feel to it.


As I am playing this gem of a remake. I noticed that they went an interesting route with beefed up horror elements and changing into a beast for a long period of time could kill you. That brings a challenge to the combat as you are swarmed by enemies and will have to extract essence to stay alive. The combat is pretty sweet with your basic martial arts moves and power abilities, but it is an outdated game that is in need up a sequel for current gen consoles.


But who would be able to make this into a masterpiece again? Oh, I am so glad you asked fellow gamer, because I have a few thoughts and I also asked some other gamers that I know who would they pick. Now I am pretty sure there is a lot of red tape to get through if this would be made into a sequel or a new game, but lets just play pretend for a moment and have an open mind.

Curtis S. Lawson responds:

“Since Sega designed it the first time, 3 companies come to mind……Rare for depth and color……if you wanna go dark…….either Id or The coalition, for and decent adventure either Ubisoft or rocksteady. You don’t want it to be cheesy but when you add the new Unreal engine 4, Havok software plays………it will just work.”

I like what he is selling right there. Those are all great companies that could produce an interesting experience with Altered Beast. I would want Santa Monica studios to work on this project because of their God of War Series I think that engine and graphics would look amazing. There is also Team Ninja who did DMC that I feel would work best with their amazing monster creations and combo combat system.

This is just a fun thought to have, being that all these anniversaries for great games are happening lately. It would be nice to see Altered Beast rise from its grave once again with today’s graphics. However, that is just wishful thinking in the end. I would not mind hearing your thoughts on what games you wish would have a sequel or be redone with a new updated story? Comment below. Stay frosty gamers!


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