Konami Introduces Metal Gear Survive

Whats up gamers and welcome as we are still getting knee deep into Gamescom. Recently announced a new Metal Gear game, but with a twist, in my opinion, a weird direction. I am not going to lie this will sound like a fanboy post and I can’t help because it doesn’t make sense to me to go this direction. As Kojima was running the Metal Gear series it was unique and interesting. Not many games produced such a cinematic adventure even with its side story of Raiden in Revengenace. I am cracking up about this new adaptation to the series where they are trying to add a different scenario while copying others completely.


(Whistles) I am not sure how I completely feel about this. It is like when your favorite restaurant decides to go into another direction and adds hot dogs or burritos to the menu. You give it try not to judge too quickly, but it just taste nasty and they should stick to what they know, Oh wait they got rid of the main Chef so they can’t. So, from the trailer I am seeing COD Zombie mode, some left for dead and of course Dead Island elements

From the Press Site:

“We are delighted to announce another exciting addition to the METAL GEAR franchise,” said Tomotada Tashiro, European President for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “METAL GEAR SURVIVE will offer a fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience.”

METAL GEAR SURVIVE picks up from the ending of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, to an alternate timeline caused by unexplained wormholes forming in the sky. Players find themselves on distorted desert landscapes full of massive half-formed structures, living biological threats, and the remains of a once strong military force now litter the landscape.

In a struggle to stay alive on this harsh terrain filled with deadly creatures, soldiers who were previously on Motherbase now must work cooperatively in order to survive. METAL GEAR SURVIVE continues the pedigree of METAL GEAR SOLID V’s highly praised gameplay design, with a unique blend of stealth and co-op play mechanics. Players can strategically manage massive threats with the help of four-player online cooperative play. New weaponry will also be introduced to combat charging creatures and lethal environments as well.

Oh yes, I forgot, add a dash of Resident Evil in there too. I can’t help but think that Kojima is sitting somewhere laughing his butt off as he sees Konami jump the bandwagon for a zombie game. I will be fair in saying that the zombies do look cool and having a co-op game element is interesting, but it definitely takes away from the idea of Metal Gear series. I do want to hear your thoughts on this new direction?


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