Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X Review

A little song and dance to bring us closer together~

Everyone’s favorite A.I. (Artificial Idol) is back with all her friends to bring more rhythm and joy into our lives. To be honest, I haven’t played a good rhythm game since my DDR days, and I was never the best at moving my feet. Luckily this game is all about finger speed and timing so I enjoyed it immensely. Miku returns in the new Hatsune Miku Project Diva X for the Playstation 4, with cross-play for the PSVita.


Now while I knew a little about the Vocaloid series and the divas in it I was surprised to see them all in and two I didn’t know about, Meiko v3 and Kaito v3. They seem to be new generation ones seeing as they are older and more mature looking (looking legal).

The start of the game has you play as Miku only and getting the hang of the button presses and the ‘modules’ which are costumes for the characters that provide bonuses that either makes the stages easier or increase your points or chances of new outfits. Once you complete several song/stages then you can freely choose between all the characters. This helps increase replayability by giving you a chance to unlock tons of outfit/modules for the different characters as well as cute accessories that help alter the design and point value. You can also just stick to your favorite idol and ignore the rest.

Select idols have certain outfits and accessories that tend to be one of the types between cute, stylish and other types. Having the right set can increase your point bonus and make the play through the song easier.

As you progress you unlock other modes of play including free play and even a chance to decorate the room your idols hang out in and increase friendship with them by giving them gifts. Giving the right gifts are worth more points and the wrong gifts can potentially lower points.


The game is fun and the songs catchy, my only gripe is that unlike the standard rhythm type games where the button presses are stationary and set these tend to just appear on the screen and at different rates which increase the difficulty significantly, especially when the screen shines brightly because of an outfit change. Overall it just takes some adjusting and practice till you can get used to it.

I do wish and hope the future option to download songs online comes into play, that can keep the game fresh and long lasting. Aside from getting a high score or outfits and accessories the game does lack some replay value, maybe not worth a huge price tag but a fun game to rent and enjoy.


Now to try and see if I can get a sexy outfit for Meiko <3. I give this game 3 paws out of 5
Niko Niko niiiiii.

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Final Score:

Kzoku Paw Rating 3 new


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