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I am not much of a puzzle gamer. I will admit I am used to games that give me a reason to drive, destroy, seek adventure, and deal with dangerous opposition. However, running into a puzzle 2D adventure with a unique art and play style caught my interest. I was a bit intimidated at first, but after a few hours, I was hooked. Let’s take a look into Four Sided Fantasy from Ludo Land.


Four Sided Fantasy gives players the opportunity to puzzle their way through obstacles on a 2D plane. As stated by using the ideas of “Pac-Man” where if he goes through a tunnel and ends up on the other side of the map. You have the same ability at your command, but with a twist of switching up characters when doing so. This is one of those silent games that give you the courtesy to concentrate on the puzzle itself. I have played for few hours just concentrating on what is going on and what will I face at the end.

There are a few cameras planted around the levels which gave me the idea that maybe someone us watching us in this world. Why they are watching is still a mysterious and why within each season our powers seem to evolve or manifest into a new ability?

Visually the game is beautiful, I am captivated by the level designs as simple as they are they are fun to look at. I think my favorite level was the night time scene with the falling stars and the darkness of a thunderstorm you have to navigate through.

You are free to play without fear. That is right this is a game that helps you focus on what you need to do. There is no worry of losing lives or continues. If you fail, you just reset right away to the last spot you were at and that is a nice gesture or rather a relief from playing games where there is too much to worry about instead of just getting to your destination.

There is not much else I can say about it without spoiling the ending, but there is a uniqueness that is missing in many games these days. I am just happy that I gave Four Sided Fantasy a shot, it was a nice change of pace, subtle gameplay that made me excited that I figured out the levels. That whole, “I did It!” feeling was rewarding and each level progression felt seamless. It stayed continuous with little to no loading.



Four Sided Fantasy gives me some form of nostalgia when I used to play an old school title “A Boy and his Blog” with my cousin. The puzzles are fun to figure out and comfortable controls. It is a game that teaches you while you play on what to do. In that, I give F.S.F a 4.5 out of 5. I would not say it is too long and at $9.99 that is a great deal.

Be sure to check out Four Sided Fantasy which is out on August 30th. I do hope you enjoyed this review and check back for more news and more content. Stay frosty gamers!

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Final Score:

KZoku Paw Rating 4 half new

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