Hands On Preview: Battlefield 1 Beta

The long wait is over and the Battlefield 1 beta is finally available for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Hi, I am Kuma as many of you know am the Beast Gamer here to give you a closer look at what to expect in BF1. Does it live up to everything us FPS players had hoped for? Will it be worth the pre-orders and DLC? Let us find out.


So far I have only played for two days and since the servers are on a “Break” at the moment. I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my experience so far. As of right now we have a choice between the United Kingdom military or the Ottoman Empire. It is a random drop between each match, but at times I was on the Ottoman Empire’s side the most. Since this is based during World War 1 you will have to deal with that era’s range of weaponry. I have to admit that I was not into the idea of going backwards again because we dealt with a lot of WW II games and that was getting old. However, many gamers seem to have gotten tired of modern and future combat, so it is time to go back in time again.

What Works and What Doesn’t


Battlefield 1 is visually stunning as always where they take detail in the weather conditions, dust storm visibility changes the combat scenario. There are hazards you must take care to not deal with like seeing a burning obstruction blocking your path that will burn you if you try to just go through it. The destructive environments are well done and are not ridiculous where it would take a powerful weapon to bring down a structure versus just one grenade. There was animation care into getting in a vehicle to some gamers being excited about seeing their legs in the game. That seems to be a big thing now in FPS titles where we can actually see our bodies instead of just being some floating arm and guns with a camera attached.

What doesn’t work is the weaponry and still being tied to certain weapons in classes. Let’s talk weapons, because if you are not Assault or Scout you are not getting very far into the game. This is a Beta, so that is already been addressed, especially about bullet drops. I myself am all about support, but when I have a weapon that is only useful in close range unlike my other BF experiences, that kind of kills the mood. I gave up on my LMG to just go into my Brooklyn Beat Down means. That means I went Iron Mike Tyson on fools with a billy club, shovel, and Bayonet attachment.


There is an unbalanced issue that has already been addressed so hopefully we shall see an update soon on that.

Battlefield 1 is pretty sweet and even though I don’t favor the classic style I am still having fun. As of right now, I am on the PC and on personal feelings, I wish my computer players would communicate more through the headset. I may pick this up on the PS4 anyway, but for a Beta, it is pretty solid so far. As stated I am pretty much done with the old school war games, I like to see what new tech I can use where as I will stick with modern combat or future combat. However, I do recommend you gamers pre-order this title.


Hopefully, the servers are back up and you can check out either BLaZeD_MaNiAc’s stream on Ps4 or Beast Gamer Kuma’s on PC to see for yourself. Stay frosty gamers!

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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  • Hvd

    bad match making doesnt even work at least not for me and bad server browser.this game already is going to have a worse launch then bf4.i dont buy the ddoss atttack their servers just went to crap.

    plus its a sniper fest.run to point a get sniped,run to point b get sniped.im glad titanfall 2 and cod are coming out graphics arnt everything in a game.it doent matter how good battlefield 1 looks its a sniper fest and i get so mad getting sniped.

    i wont buy this one.im getting tf2 i enjoyed that beta a lot more.

    • I do agree i can’t wait for titanfall 2 to drop. The annoying thing are the only weapons to use are assault and scout. Medic is good yoo, but i like using assault. I hope to get a game in on titanfall 2 when it drops. Thanks for checking out the post.

      • Hvd

        yes sir i cant wait to use the smart gun it was my fav weapon from titanfall even after the nerfs and its in titan fall 2.

        my advice is even if you are a pc gamer get it on console with all thats coming out on pc snd what is out like over watch it will die fast on pc.

        • Oh trust I plan to get on Console again. I just need to save for my new PS4, mine recently died. So doing what I can to get back on the consoles. I prefer console anyway.

          • Hvd

            big sony fan? if not id say xbox one s for the 4k up scale and hdr.unles the ps4 is where all your friends play.yea im tired of the pc up grade trap and the multiplayer is bad on pc thats why i game on console even tho i have a decent gaming pc.

          • My Battlefield crew is on PS4, but I plan to get Xbox One for my Gears of War 4 and Crackdown 3 peoples and Forza 3. I am not a console fan person. I like systems. I just have people in different areas. Which I hope the crossplatform thing actually happens.

          • andrew159159

            I doubt you could even afford a PC

          • Same could be said about you affording a console.

          • andrew159159

            I somewhat think it couldn’t, considering the PC I have costs way more than any console.

          • Still doesn’t mean much. Set up I have cost more than a console, but yet I still have the Ps3, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSVita, Nintendo 3Ds and I can go on. Build a PC yourself you can save money to have it all.

          • Hvd

            im not 12 like you and get a gaming machine for just uncharted…lol i work for a living i just like multiplayer with no hackers and cheaters and that console.also i like the best multiplayer network and thats xbox live.

            ill never own a sony product again for since all they have left is the delay station and has failed at everything else they had….sony is a sinking ship that delays games.gt sport was delayed till 2017 now you have zero holiday exclusives till next year….lmao….the delaystation.

            thats another reason i wont own a playstation the delays and psn sucks…..lmao have fun your your free indie games for psn…lmao

          • andrew159159

            You know what I like, the fact Xbox has no exclusives now or ever for that matter.
            Thanks, Windows Store and UWP.

          • Huh? Gears of War 4, Halo, Crackdown 3, Killer Instincts, Forza Horizon series. They have quite a few.

          • Hvd

            trying to troll on a very old post?…lmao

            have fun and just keep waiting for ps4 exclusives since none are coming out this holiday season they got delayed….lmao

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