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One thing about the Indie games at EVO 2016 that stood out the most was the art and Epitaph is no exception. This studio based in Brooklyn found an interesting way to push their art. Drawn in by dark backgrounds and neon colored characters I found that there is more to this game than aesthetics. Epitaph puts a whole new spin on death with this highly competitive, tactical game.
Epitaph takes fighting games to a whole new level. Rather than take the traditional root, Epitaph combines basic fighting game elements with strategy elements. Similar from what you’d see in games like Fire Emblem. That alone kicks the game off to a great start. But it just gets more interesting as players dive deeper into combat.

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The theme of the game is death. Alongside unique graphics, comes an interesting cast of characters. It is easy on the eyes by having lovely graphics. By keeping the background dark makes the neon colored characters stand out. The designs are clean and crisp further adding to the enjoyment of the game.

Instead of commanding an army players control their team of Reapers. Each of which has their own unique abilities. Since the game is a fusion of strategy and fighting, combos are essential. Combos are important if you want to win the game. When done right players can take down multiple opponents at once. The goal here is to collect the souls, so don’t think killing the enemies means they’re gone for good!

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Death is the strategy here folks. The thing that makes Epitaphs so unique is its take on death. Rather than have characters die for good, they come back even stronger. So while players may think they have the upper hand by defeating their opponents, they could be laying the foundation for their demise. So tread lightly and kill wisely!

  • Tactical Fighting Game: Epitaph’s combat system is real-time, cooldown-based combat fought on a linear board. This creates a constant, measured pace for the action that keeps things active while still giving players enough time to make long-term strategic decisions. Positioning, timing, and area control are all essential parts of landing devastating attacks and avoiding damage from your opponents.
  • Battle Among Deaths: Epitaph takes place in the afterlife, where the many faces of Death are facing off against one another in a battle for souls. There are nine different Reapers in epitaph’s current roster, ranging from Hassarin, the Witherer, who controls opponents and saps away their lives, to Ezzim the Executioner, who cleaves the souls from his victims with his mighty ax. Stylish abstract character designs and a unique trip-hop soundtrack add to Epitaph’s ambiance and make it look and feel like to no other esport.
  • Death is a Strategy: When a character dies in Epitaph, that isn’t the end – they’ll come back even stronger, with added power. You’ll need to kill your opponent’s characters five times to win, but doing so makes their team more powerful with each death. Winning at Epitaph is also about knowing when to die, and how to gain the most advantage from your losses.

Epitaph’s expected release date is this December so keep your eyes peeled! If you’re looking for some highly competitive gameplay that will give you a challenge, then this is the game for you!



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