FF XV Delayed…but did you die?

Nope, you will still live on as Square Enix continues to make sure you are satisfied with the game you waited for…for ten years…Damn that is a long time I have to admit, but two extra months is not too bad. There are other games going on that I am sure that you have not completed or still dominating while you wait. I am right now late to the game as already people have posted about the delay and the reasons, but what I am concerned is the death threats again. I don’t know what you gamers thinking about when you issue these threats to developers, but that will never get your game to come out any faster. Might delay it even more if they really want to be villains.

Listen up gamers, take notice at a lot of games that you were hyped about and failed short to your expectations. There is an abundance of games that come out and they did not meet our taste, so let’s hope this delay puts some final touches so you the fans can enjoy. I had an amazing discussion on Elly Honda’s Gaming Profile where she even laughed at the comments when the delay was first announced. The director Tabata was quite sincere and letting us know about the delay and even granted us a 52-minute video of the master collection gameplay footage which is above. In that being said I will stick with my pre-order and hopefully they do not drop the ball because ten years is a wait and I do agree with one of Elly’s readers who stated.

I THINK the main reason they delayed though was they have other games dropping that day (dragon quest 7 3ds being the big one for me, I can’t freaking wait), plus it’s in the middle of every company dropping their games at the same time season, so, assuming they really need the game to be a hit. releasing it after every other major game seems smart.

– Chris Lane


At this time there is nothing we can do but wait and I am sure you can occupy yourselves with other titles in the meantime. Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29th and it will now be a Holiday release so enjoy. Stay frosty gamers!

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