Hands on Preview of Oh my Godheads

In the realm of the indie world, simplicity often reigns supreme. The beauty of this simplicity is the level of fun gameplay that can come out of it. More often than not the best games are actually pretty basic concepts, which possess the ability to keep players glued to a controller for hours on end. Oh My Godheads is the perfect example of that genre. After playing at EVO2016 I actual had a hard time putting the controller down.

Upon first look at OMGHs, one will be roped in by the bright colors and whimsy of the graphics. Everything is pretty simple which actually gives the game a unique feel. The polygon like characters ( The Penguin being my personal favorite) is quite interesting as are the environments. The game takes place all over the world and the levels do a great job depicting such. But the real catch of OMGHs is its controller glue effect!

You see the concept of the game is quite simple. Get the God Heads to your goal to get points. The team that gets the max points wins. However, unlike a typical game of capture the flag OMGHs mixes it up. These Godheads in all their mighty Godliness have something special about them. This will only make players goal attempts more difficult. From being extremely heavy to exploding within seconds these Godheads will make you work for it!


  • Couch multiplayer for 1-4 players
  • Full 3D environments in world-spanning locales
  • AI controlled characters
  • XInput controller support
  • 2 players via 1 keyboard
  • Swords, hats, and airborne pastries


Teamwork is the key here folks! Up to four players can engage in a 2 on 2 battle of the Godheads. Each player can engage in combat and other things to assist their mate. Players can give opponents a whack, jump, throw and grab. But my personal favorite is the exploding pies. Why go for the textbook grenade, when one can take an exploding pie to the face? But don’t think a pie will solve it all because players respond pretty quickly and are right back in the mix!

With all those factors I found myself playing with random people for quite some time. The fact that this game was able to bring 4 random people together for an action packed multiple battles is what it’s about people. Gaming magic at its finest! So check out Oh My Godheads which will be available on the Steam Marketplace!

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