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That’s right gamers, we are doing an M.O.B.A review. This is Overpower coming from Hydrant Games featuring a classic medieval style PVP game featuring Mages, Assassins, warrior and Ranger giving players different ranges to choose from in defeating the opposition. This comes from the minds of two dudes who had a passion for RPG games and PVP combat who decided to bring something interesting to the genre, but does it live up to our expectations?

The Story Behind the Game:

“All resources were shared without restraint between all classes of life. Harmony existed for eons and was believed to last eternally but this belief was fractured when The Splinter occurred…

The skies parted and lightning cracked. Wind whipped and tore. Oceans crashed and boiled. The ground rumbled and split. Chaos consumed. When the ashes cleared the world was near unrecognizable. The sky was a darker tinge. The wind blew cold. Oceans rose higher while others dried. The single mass was divided and so were those that still lived. Separated by vast distances of ocean and land, individual species struggled to find a way to survive on their own.

Their salvation was found in mysterious Runes left in the wake of the great disaster. Mystical in nature and limitless in use, every being discovered a unique manipulation of the precious rocks that became keystones to their species existence. With survival hinging on a limited resource, hostilities quickly grew and war erupted over the Runes, a war that still rages to this day…”



Pick your classes between Warrior, Mage, Assassin or Ranger. Each class has their own special abilities and strategy. I feel that the Assassin’s class is my all time favorite, not just because I like a stealth female killer (you can also be a dude by the way.) but her skill sets are amazing. The Gem Select area gives you four options to choose from as your special cool down which I chose face kick and poison. I also have another ability which is stealth that comes in handy when you want to sneak up on enemies, but I suggest activating your poison before going into stealth. If done right you can stay poisoned by stealth and deal a quick sneak attack that will grant you that advantage.

I was at first confused as to how this is a Shooter Based MOBA, but I guess between the mage and ranger it kind of has the feel, but with the Warrior as well as the Assassin it is iffy. I mean the Assassin does have a throwing knife option, so I guess it qualifies.


Overpower also does a great job in controller support as yes I am that 1% that is not good behind a keyboard and mouse when it comes to 3rd person games. I can utilize this more with LoL or WoW, but this plays a bit like Smite and that works well with a controller. In that the movement is amazing and the action stays constant with not having to wait too long for loading times.

Combat Based Modes:

  • Deathmatch: Bloodbath, instant respawn, great way to polish your combat skills!
  • Team Deathmatch: Like a Deathmatch, but your buddies got your back!
  • Last Team Standing: Round based matches, no respawns until the one team is wiped out. Great Arena practice!

Objective Based modes

  • Control Points: Fight over strategic crystals. Each crystal grants points for your team. At 250 / Â 500 / 750 points your team gets a buff! First team to 1000 points wins!
  • Critter Capture: Capture all 3 critters from the enemy team and safely return them to your base to win the match! Each critter gives you a unique ability so choosing the right one is important!

Pick your game mode and prepare to rule a**. It is a simple task with complex strategy and if it an’t broke then you are not hitting the team hard enough!

Graphics Wise:


Any game that has a cartoon style to it is great in my book. I enjoy all the animations from each character and the abilities are fun to use. The environments themselves are quite wonderful to look at and brings in a size field of combat to find the best way to attack each area. I mean you have options to explore by jumping through portals on some levels as you take a quick view. If the maps are too big there are options of smaller maps to keep the combat close at all times. It is pretty sweet and I didn’t experience any frame issues at all.

The Bad:


Keep in mind that I came into this game just a few weeks ago and I was surprised the length it took to get into a public match. It is a nice touch that they give you a warm up option where you can play against bots while waiting for a match, but it gets old quite quickly. The drought was kind of sad, but when a match did happen. I did have a fun time.

I am hoping for future updates of different characters being that you will only utilize a warrior class, mage, ranger, and assassin. Other sprite designs would be nice and it can get confusing to tell between your comrades and enemies since even though you are on the red or blue team. You have the option to change the color of your clothes. That can be an annoying thing to deal with, especially with duplicate characters or an enemy that is wearing blue but is on the red team. I say concentrate on different clothing styles but keep team color coordinated.

There are no achievements or trading cards available being a steam game which is quite weird. I mean I am from an age where we didn’t have achievements or trophies, but it is so mainstream that you kind of expect it to be there.



Overpower is a fun, vibrant and action packed game for everyone to enjoy. This game will keep you on your toes and has amazing PVP combat and keeps you training with in-between bot games while you wait. As of right now, the price is $8.99 which is freaking amazing, but there is a sale on Steam where it is now $6.29 which is even better. This is one of those games that deserves support being that it is at an inexpensive price but offering so much replayability.

In that, I give Overpower 4 paws out of 5. I had much fun with this title and I respect the fact that they are really giving an interesting service to gamers and if you go to the steam page there is an option to download the demo. I say give it a shot and take advantage of the sale going on now. I thank you all for checking out this demo and if you are playing let’s get a game going. Stay frosty gamers!

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