Play Arts Kai Wonder Woman Figurine Looks Powerful

One thing I enjoy about being a gamer, geek and nerd are all the merchandise that we get access too. There is a high level of appreciation for figurines with the details and how articulate it can move. After showcasing the Sephiroth figurine I was curious about what other gems might be up for pre-order and luckily I came across the Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman figurine.


The best line from Wonder Woman when she brought Batman and Superman to her home where the Amazon’s asked her who they were, “Oh they are my sidekicks!” I laughed hard because they had nothing to say to that notion. Being that Diana Prince is the Founding members of the Justice League it is only fitting that she would have a superior figurine to show off her amazing Themyscarian heritage.

Now as I am on the site I am confused because it was released on August 8th, but it is still in pre-order phase so might be the first wave that is finished right now. Either way, you should head on over to Square Enix Store site and pre-order this figurine for your DC collection that goes for $149.99 and yes it may be expensive, but it is understandable. Time to build up that collection folks and I hope to see you next time for maybe an unboxing. Stay frosty!

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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