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There is nothing like a peaceful day where you are living your normal lives and having a good time with friends until all that goes to hell as a major disaster decides to damage your calm. The first time I saw Attack on Titan was as anime and I know I should have read the Manga first, but whatever. They wasted no time in flipping the script as a Colossal Titan appears and ruins a peaceful lifestyle for good. All it took was one kick to their wall to bring everything down. Now there is a video game to experience it all over again. Welcome to our review of Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom available on the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

When Things go F.U.B.A.R:


Attack On Titans Wings of Freedom takes gamers through the events of the first season of the anime of the same name. Humanoid creatures known as Titans ravage the lands consuming people in the most brutal and horrific way. This is lead to believe the hand of a higher power punishing humans by making them almost extinct. In that it makes me think of a famous quote.

I am the punishment of God.If you had not committed great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.

It is fitting since the people in the town of Shinganshina of wall Maria have spent years never seeing a titan inside these concentric walls. This city has three sections all seem to resemble lower, middle and upper class. In the story, a Colossal breaches the first wall Maria which forced the people to move to the walls of Rose, which later an armored titan breaches those walls causing more chaos. That’s pretty much the gist of what is going on, a form of causality. There is an objective that I can’t spoil, but these “enhanced” Titans seem to have some sort of agenda since they are the few that are organized and those that saw the Anime or read the Manga know what I mean.


It is up to a young batch of titan slayers where you take the controls of Eren Yaeger the main protagonist bent on vengeance to discover what is really going on in the walls and the truth behind his incredible transformation. If that is not a good story I don’t know what to tell you.

Swing baby Swing:


AOT: Wings of Freedom takes what we saw in the anime of the free flowing movements when the soldiers use the 3D Maneuvering Gear and it is amazing in the video game. I was wondering how they could translate that same experience to us in video game form? If you played any of the Spider-man games and appreciated the swing mechanics going through New York City, well times that by Ten in Attack on Titan. The animation of the physical movements when you launch the hooks into the environment and pulled upwards are fantastic and kind of amusing with the rag doll physics. There is even a dash move using your gas tank to push you forward keeping the momentum of swinging through the level. If done right you can stay in the air for a long period of time. There are some flaws to moving around, but that is mostly a player area. If you follow a nice flow rhythm you can go through like a streamline butterfly. As they said, “You have to be loose and tight at the same time!”

The video will demonstrate the combat elements of AOT: Wings of Freedom to give you a better idea of what you are working with.

As you can see there is a reaction time that you should cater to in order to obtain some decent combos. I wouldn’t say you have to concentrate too much on particular body parts, but it is there so you can gain some materials as a special icon will be over an elbow or a knee. Please pay attention to your gas flow and sword usage because you will need to replace either or. This is also going into paying attention to your radar knowing where resupply soldiers are stationed or paying attention to comrades that may need your help. There will be a death indicator of soldiers that have been eaten and you could have prevented it.


At first, I thought it was a straight up action adventure game, but AOT dives much deeper towards an action RPG than anything. I am shocked how in-depth it goes dealing with crafting better equipment and having to target titans in specific areas to gain special materials. This brings the game into a strategic farming style. You could go through missions without concentrating on the side missions only the main objective, but you won’t get the score that you deserve as my writer SoulessChyld figured out in one mission where he mostly focused on the objective. You have to obtain that perfect score.

Teamwork is key both online and in the story mode. As you play as a character in the story it is wise to recruit soldiers to aid you in the fight against titans. Using your D-pad in certain directions can set out commands to your team to either go on the offense or defense. It is quite effective in combat and tests your leadership skills especially online playing with other players. Two people can target the legs, two on the arms and leave someone with the final Nape killing blow for an effective grade.


Be mindful of your materials. You may sell something that you might need, so definitely research the materials that you have and what it’s general purpose. As we played we noticed that we did need certain things in order to buy new gear or to upgrade our current items. I like that form of planning because it gives you purpose in making a better titan slayer. That way when you go out in the field you can go after specific titans for your specific needs. Whatever you do buy transfers to other characters which takes away from the struggle of over buying or having to farm too much. Too much of something can get tedious and boring at times. There is a nice balance with everything.

It Sounds too Perfect:


Utilizing the 3D maneuvering gear can be tricky and you end up bumping into walls, but what I find lacking is in the hit detecting while using the gear. I know it is nitpicking, but it would be nice to have an animation where you mess up and fly too hard into a wall or rock face causing damage. For some that is a d*ck move to do, but it gives us gamers a form of challenge in learning how to use this equipment properly. There is too much of a safety net with that which gives us no real caution.


There are some glitches with Titans getting stuck in buildings and or damage physics to the map is weird. I didn’t know that the buildings could be brought down and the crumble animation needed some work too. It doesn’t seem like we get a penalty if that happens too much which I find it to ruin the challenge as well. We are supposed to help the city and yet it gets destroyed, but oh well its cool. There are some scenarios where I wanted more of the civilians involved in an evacuation having to stop titans from eating them. Pretty much I am saying give us more of a challenge or a panic when facing against the enemy.

The combat animation could have been more diverse. It is the same final kill animation each time and there is only one swing cut animation between all the characters. I agree with Souless as they needed to have more of a swing combo variety even though it is one button to push. We definitely wanted that nice final kill spin animation they are famous for or some interesting stunt kills.

Final Thought:


Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom delivers not only a fan service but a powerful take on Anime to a video game. It has a great control scheme, fun graphics, and compelling storyline. You can’t switch to an English Dub, but that is okay nothing wrong with reading the subs and it sounds better anyway than the English Dubbed in my opinion. It does jump around the series quickly which is not too bad giving you the abridged version of the first season, while still giving you an abundance of replay value. Is it worth the $59.99 price tag? I would say so giving the amount of playtime you can accumulate with an option to go online to team up with other players. We have to give it a 4 out of 5 paws being that it is the best of both worlds for Manga and Anime fans of the series. Now if only season 2 would hurry and come out that would be great.


I hope you enjoyed this review and a special shout out to Soulesschylde for playing and sharing his Manga knowledge of the series as we geeked out playing. Be sure to add your email to stay connected as new post go up weekly. Stay frosty gamers!

Final Score:
KZoku Paw Rating 4 new

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