Review of No Man’s Sky

When No Man’s Sky was announced, I felt a deep sense of 90’s nostalgia. The trailer instantly reminded me of when I first saw the trailer for Metal Gear Solid, being completely in awe of the technological advances made in video games.


The hype, intrigue, and nostalgia were enough for me to pre-order the game.
The first day of playing was amazing. I explored, got myself into trouble, learned alien languages, found some freaky looking animals, and got chased by space pirates. I was completely overwhelmed with the intensity of the size of this game.

This is a game that gives you very little story and instead gives you the means to create your own stories. For example, I was tired one night and decided I could handle a quiet night of exploring. Little did I know the adventure that was about to begin. When I arrived in the next system of my choosing, I was immediately invaded by space pirates. This made me bolt for the closest planet since my ship was not at all equipped to take them on. OF COURSE, I LANDED ON AN EXTREME NUCLEAR PLANET. Now my relaxing night has become a nuclear, storm-ridden, stress-fest! Next thing you know, I’m trying to break down the door at this shelter by pistol-whipping it all while sentinels are chasing my nuclear ass back to my ship. This happened for several minutes. Anyway, as you can see, my stress-free night became a story of its own. My story. A story that nobody else will ever have! That kind of experience is not found in many games.


That being said, the game is not without its faults. After a few days I lost that palm-scratching need to go home from work to play. The teeny-tiny inventory you’re given became tedious and frustrating and exploring felt aimless. The wildlife that I came across didn’t seem too much different than the wildlife on previous planets I had explored. The lack of size differentiation between species was also underwhelming. Scanning is your main form of currency in this game and even that isn’t exciting. You look at a mushroom, then you look at a tree, then you look at an animal, give them all names, then rinse and repeat. I do not enjoy exploring by looking through a scope 95% of the time.

The crafting is even underwhelming. The only crafting you do is for new upgrades or for materials to replenish your ship’s equipment. Boring. Why can’t I build a house in the middle of a nuclear planet? Why can’t I have a farm of ugly, alien cows with wings?

I don’t know man, I’m just so disappointed. There isn’t anything to do! I didn’t play Minecraft that much, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to do. I mean, at least you can craft a decent amount of stuff in Minecraft!


I’m tired of scanning everything. I’m tired of upgrading shit. I’m tired of organizing my inventory. I’m tired and I’m bored. And I want a bigger sense of adventure. I just feel like it’s not there. The E3 previews just looked so awesome. Most of my planets were about the same conditions-wise – not too dangerous, in terms of sentinels or weather. That got old. I got tired of starting the long process of warping to a new system just to land on another planet with similar wildlife and weather! Maybe I just had bad luck. It just made it feel like this game didn’t really have that much variety as it was advertised.

No Man’s Sky has set itself up for great potential. I almost wish I got it on PC so that I could experiment with mods a little bit. But for now, I’ll just have to hope that there are some FREE updates coming that add some great new features that make the game feel like it has some purpose and replayability. I give the game three paws, but I hope I can change my mind with future updates.


Final Score:

Kzoku Paw Rating 3 new

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