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I am not surprised by all the Final Fantasy hype that is happening since we are a month away from the release of Final Fantasy XV. Also the release of Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive in select theaters during the Month of August would be a great time to start advertising some amazing items in gaming. This item in question is a highly detailed Sephiroth figure that will be released in February of 2017 and the price will be at $150. I have to play devil’s advocate here in saying that is actually not considering other pricey collectibles that I have seen. I am still waiting for the Aeris being done in by Sephiroth collectible…I know that is morbid, but it was the fuel that drove that fight.


Play Arts Kai is always a fan favorite because they bring a unique anime style to all their figures. They have done work across platforms from Halo to DC Comics and I would hope one day they would get a Marvel Deal because a Luke Cage figure done by them would be awesome. In that of course, Game Informer just released information regarding this outstanding look figurine that gives an impressive attention to detail. I do admire the character a lot and facing off against in both Final Fantasy VII and then again in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core was spectacular.


In February Sephiroth will rise again no longer being a memory and carrying his famed Masamune sword as well as his authentic Dark Wing that will make the character shine. It will be fully possible the way you want it and hell maybe you will set it up next to Cloud if they decide to release a new version of him to add to this set for a nice battle display.

The figure stands in at 10 inches in height and retails for $149.99. A Cloud figure is also on the way soon, but is based on the forthcoming (and undated) Final Fantasy VII remake game. Be sure to check out more information as it develops. Stay frosty gamers and collectors!

Source| GameInformer


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