TGS Showcase of Metal Gear: Survive Gameplay

I will admit that as a fan of Kojima I felt weird about this announcement and once I saw the trailer it just made me feel even worse. However, what changed my heart a bit was the fact that there is a co-op featuring in this “Metal Gear” video game. I will turn off my fandom side to give this demo video a try.

So my love for playing with other gamers trumps any hard feelings I have for this game besides the name. I am sorry but Konami you should use another name with another premise. That being said, what really sold me was the whole baiting those crystal zombies with the sheep floating, but then you send the sheep through the portal as well as some of the other zombies for whatever reason. That also sparks my curiosity on the purpose of utilizing that feature. Are we recruiting the zombies now, or experimenting on them? I need to know. In reasonable news Metal Gear: Survival will be in the range of $30 instead of a $60 price tag. Okay, you have my interest now since that is affordable, you may get a pre-order out of me after all.

Time to play the waiting game as more information surfaces for Metal Gear: Survive. Until next time gamers. Stay frosty!

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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