GWENT launches Kill the Servers closed beta event

For those anticipating GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, you should know that in preparation for the Closed Beta set for launch in October, CD Projekt Red is hosting a technical pre-closed beta stress test. This test will help the developers gauge the GWENT’s hosting backend and will be available only for PC.

Sign ups for Kill The Servers will be  available on a first come, first served basis. Follow CD Projekt on Twitter and Facebook for announcements on when the access keys will be distributed for the test on Tuesday September 23rd 11am-3pm ET (8am to 12pm PT) and Tuesday September 27th from 2pm – 6pm ET (11am to 3pm PT)

Be advised that this will not be the full game; as the content is incomplete and this is only a measure of the strength of their servers in regards to the number of players. The developers warn that there will be connectivity issues, which will affect your game play experience. Additionally, this version will not have the deck building functionality. Sign-ups for the closed beta are still available here.


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