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We all have our difference, that is a given. However, sometimes our similarities can also cause problems. Hear me out when I say this, we all at times will have the same desires, the same needs, and the same ambitions to survive. Those similarities come into conflict to those that feel they need it more than you. It is funny how many feel it is quite difficult to find a co-exist solution to what we all need. To form some type of union so we all could strive together, but that way of thinking is too complex for some. It is just easier to take out the competition and keep it all to yourself because you need it more than them. This welcome was a deep and fun learning experience taking part in Ubisoft’s For Honor Alpha on the PC. Let’s take a look, shall we?



Tell me if you heard this one before? A Knight, a Samurai and a Viking meet in a field, they are standing over a stream of water just standing there. They pace debating on a decision, but someone got bored and decided for them with a random arrow hitting the Viking. Then the Viking goes, “You forgot to say please!” and then the war starts a new. (laughs) Get it? No, well this fight has been going on for a Millennium beginning with these three factions fighting over dominance, but as things start to calm down and peace seems to become a thought. Someone on the sidelines does not like the idea of peace and ruins the moment by starting the fight up again. This one warlord wants the chaos to continue because there is payment in war and carnage. That’s all I got from the trailer.

The Alpha is based on straight up multiplayer experience where you pick between these factions and choosing two different warrior types in each. For Honor Alpha takes it a bit further by giving you full customization in emblems, symbols, armor, weapons, skills, color schemes and your gender. I stuck with the samurai faction because I am a big fan of the art of bushido and I wanted to see how far I can level my character up since I got into the beta late in the game. We are going to talk about the three game modes of Brawl, Duel, and Domination.



Two warriors vs. Two warriors, be it A.I or other Players. This is a co-op duel where strategy will come into play. I can’t stress this enough in helping out your fellow warrior if you are done battling your opponent. If given the opportunity you can revive a fallen comrade or try to take on two opponents at a time.



This is a One Vs. One battle PVP only, but if there is no one to face they will give you a bot until someone shows up. In this, you are in a small area to battle one another. You do not have a full range of the field so understand your surroundings and try to take out your opponent the best way possible. You will not have your directional abilities either, just your powered hand to hand skills.



Welcome to a four vs. four warrior battle also with the option of AI opponents or players. This is your run of the mill capturing points where B is the middle battleground of both AI combatants will stay there to fight to maintain while us warriors go to A or C to take it over. The best part about taking over A or C is it will regenerate your health as long as you maintain control. If an enemy were to contest the area your health will stop filling until you defeat that intruder. Once you reach a certain amount of points you will have to finally defeat the other warriors to finish off the mission. It seems to be one of the favorites of the game modes.

This is where you can utilize all your fancy tricks once you have leveled up enough to unlock them that is. I have a kunai, longbow ability and infinite run stamina to get away. My character is Orochi who is a samurai assassin.



I recommend using a controller over mouse and keyboard because this plays more like a fighting game in different aspects. By the way for an Alpha, this was pretty solid outside of some screen glitches while my character was in guard mode and I moved too close to the screen. You have a light and heavy attack which you can utilize freely, but in guard mode, it changes your whole fighting style. In guard, you can switch your stance in other to block your opponent appropriately as some of you have seen in some videos. It is up to you to gauge your opponent properly in order to block properly, but it also depends on your opponent who can recover quite quickly. I noticed the Kenshin and Knights recover quite fast after a parry.

I am not entirely sure, but it seems that some of the stamina is glitched as one opponent was swinging wildly at me for a long period of time without losing any gauge. It was continued even after I blocked his attack, they proceeded to recover quite fast to continue. I hope that gets fixed.


For Honor can get repetitive after a while where you doing the same moves or facing the same situations, but we are just testing out the multiplayer aspect of limited things. I would suggest taking a break or switching up warrior class to change up the fighting styles. Even if they are the same warrior type, they do not fight the same way.

As you progress through your battles you will earn, gear, weapons, and coins to upgrade or buy new stuff to enhance your warrior. There are challenges you can take on to give you extra XP if you succeed. I highly recommend it if you want to be a dominating warrior in your respected style.

How does it Look?


I am not going to spit out “PC Master Race” garbage because that sounds like a Hitler minion with PC players do that. However, I will admit For Honor looks beautiful all around. The enemy designs, the environments look great and the field of battle has a life of its own. I didn’t know that I could push the enemy into something that was on fire and then they would catch fire as well. I was shocked by that and impressed that it was added, made me move away from all things on fire just in case. That level of physics gets my seal of approval.

Final Thoughts:


Look Ubisoft, you did well so far in giving us an Alpha to test out and so far I am impressed. I already have mine pre-ordered for the PS4 and thankfully we have a lot of time before the Valentines day release in 2014 to get a full experience. I am interested in the storyline more than I am with the multiplayer because it is an interesting story on these factions and the gameplay reminds me of old school Bushido Blade. I just hope the final product has many improvements.

Be sure to check out our full review when For Honor on Valentine’s day 2017. Stay frosty gamers!

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