BF4 DICE vs Community Event

Time to cock your hammers, sharpen your blades and get ready for battle gamers as the community faces off against many faces of Dice featuring Dice LA, Dice CTE, Dice Friends, Uprise, and Tournament tag holders in a long awaited battle of FPS epicness! It is an all out Conquest Large 64 Player Event you will have your Opportunity to collect some of the Rarest Tags and Battle against some of the most Official people in the Battlefield Community. Here is the catch, though you can show off your gun skills, but the real trophies coming from your snatch and grab. That is right folks we are going for those ninja skills where you disrespect your opponents by knifing and grabbing their tags. You sure you’re ready?


PS4 Only Hosted by @DakotaPressy you can find the server by searching Dice Vs Community Offical event. The event starts October 2nd and the times are 11 am EST 10am CST 5pm CGT. Special Thanks to @DakotaPressy @HeathStevens69 and @JustFrags for organizing and hosting such a rare event, please follow them on twitter!


BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ sure does know how to put the spirit of snatch and grab into Battlefield 4, but below are twitch links to the main event.

All right gamers, hope to see you all Sunday when the battle begins. Stay frosty!


Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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