Hands on Beta: COD Infinite Warfare

With the release of a new Call of Duty game, Infinity Ward has granted those who pre-ordered access to this past weekend’s beta. As an added bonus they gave out extra codes so you can squad up with friends because not everyone enjoys playing with randoms. This has become the norm for every release giving gamers a taste test of the “Combat Evolved”. Luckily we have BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ to be our tour guide through another futuristic warfare multiplayer experience. Is the future combat genre played out or will Infinite Warfare save the genre?

BLaZeD covered a decent amount so there is not much for me to talk about (laughs). I am not going to knock Infinite Warfare too much because the beta was impressive and even though there were small new features it looked pretty decent. To be honest I am more interested in COD’s storyline than its multiplayer. That being said, thanks to BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ for the grand tour of this portion of the multiplayer, but we are not done yet, there are still more battles to be uploaded of the other maps.


If you want to enjoy more FPS antics from BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ hit up her twitch.tv channel and follow her on twitter with links here and here. Get ready for more future warfare when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare drops November 4th, 2016. Stay frosty gamers!

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