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Alright, folks its that time again. You know that time? A time every weeaboo and otaku put pause on that anime to see what the fuss is about in the gaming community. It’s Anime Fighting Game time! With the Kings of anime fighters Guilty Gear and King of Fighters hot new installments already out and about; it’s only natural the future prince to anime fighter royalty BlazBlue put its latest version up to the thrown. Luckily for you guys 私の弟は日本にゲームを貰た!Or for those of you that can’t read Japanese that my younger brother received the game from Japan. I.E imported it. So I have a free game laying around the house so naturally, I had to give it a play. So I’ll give you a little piece if the hype cake for BlazBlue: Central Fiction!

The first thing I should let you know before you get ready for that tasty sample is that the game has decided to remove English voices. Yep that wonderful, high budget dub with our favorite voice actors since Calamity Trigger are no more (which also could be because of the voice actor’s strike). So, go outside right now and scream. Get that butthurt Tumblr posts out your system now so you can enjoy the game when you buy it. That being said, 日本語を習ったほがいいですよ! Is the only advice I can offer you. Now, right along for those who stayed in line.

The art is amazing. They really went a different direction. Instead of a more “animu anime” style like ChronoPhantasma, this art style has a bit more edge. Since you’ll be reading the story now the art should hold interest. Now the sprites will look pretty recognizable as in reused. But who cares when there are tons of new levels and characters! Some totally new, and others from previous story modes step into the battle spotlight. We have my personal fav Hibiki, Nato aka bootleg Ragna The BloodEdge, and Konoe the furry lover OG.

We will have a full review of this title since the North American Release is on November 1st, but so far it looks pretty good. Stay tuned for a full review.

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