Nintendo Switch Reveal

Nintendo you innovative genius just revealed the Nintendo Switch. I mean a console that switches to a handheld that can also switch the controller into two. That is a lot to take in from just the trailer alone. Speaking of that trailer, let us take a look.

Our team member Megan put us in the direction of this lovely preview and I started to think about everything they are promising with a device that is a home console, transforms into a handheld and then goes on from there. So far so good, but going to get more details.

Now a fellow colleague brought up some great concerns where it does look like a tablet with a  dock and two attachment modules. I have my own concerns with the battery life as we both agreed on and plus I am thinking of Nintendo’s track record with innovative ideas. I will admit, like any cool concept idea I will be amazed, but then I thought about the recent events of Nintendo and it makes me worried. I am not going to sugar coat and I am not going to drag anyone else into my thoughts on this, it is all my own thinking. In that being said, with the success of the Wii and the WiiU Nintendo doesn’t show confidence in their products. That could also be said about the third party companies that seemed to leave them behind.

On launch with WiiU it had some strong titles with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Tekken Tag 2, Injustice and even Call of Duty: Ghost to name a few. But there was no DLC back up or updates to those games. I am fond of what Nintendo brings to the gaming world still keeping up with the imagination of creativity and kid friendly titles at times, but it seems they hit a wall with their releases and losing some audiences.

I also didn’t notice any disc slots which made me think about the previous statements of WiiU titles being backwards compatible. I was told it will be digital only and I am hoping there is some plan for those with the WiiU titles could get access to the digital content as a voucher somehow.

Please again, do not take this more than just simple concerns from a gamer that has experience dealing with previous purchases. I do hope things go well with this new system and developers back them up as shown in the partner images below.



For a first impression, what are your thoughts?


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