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What’s going on gamers? Welcome to this new review with a special streaming guest WithSteve who was our first live interview for “Born with a Controller”. I supplied him a review key to a new indie title called RIVE which is available now for both PC and PlayStation 4. RIVE is a unique take on your classic Shoot’em Up with a lot of personalities to boot.

Press Info:

RIVE is the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter. Its 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid causes a ‘dance of destruction’ during an insane sequence of spectacular battles and set pieces. In the role of space scavenger Roughshot, players can hack their enemies, fire off special attacks, and prove their mettle in multiple game modes.


I feel that the description is a bit of an understatement as if any of you have played with the tank in Metal Slug, take that into RIVE and kick it up to eleven thousand in a challenging fun SHUMP romp through many colorful levels and unique upgrades to weaponry and an amazing hacking systems to give you the advantage in some situations. In that let’s take a glimpse at what you can be ready for in RIVE.



Excuse my language but RIVE is a cluster F*ck of chaos in a cute little tank with many sweaty filled scenarios that will probably make you rage worse than the Hillary/Trump debate. However, do not be discourage by the intense enemies because your advantage is not just your tank, but an ability to hack certain enemies. This amazing feature gives you a secondary combat weaponry while you dip, dash, dive, and dodge through deadly obstacles. Taking over the controls on my own I noticed a nice pattern to each level and timing is crucial since you will be stuck having to wait for the level to animate before proceeding. In that, at times rushing can get you killed in some scenarios.


It’s so Pretty!


Graphics are not my highest priority when it comes to video games, but damn the artist work is top notch. The level is alive and may cause seizures if not careful with all the lasers, bright colors and of course explosions galore. The best part about it is the commentary from the pilot Roughshot and his banter with the A.I that could give GLaDOS a run. Pretty much the frustration coming from the player while playing the game is expressed through Roughshot before you can say it. That takes a special place in my gamer soul at a level of comedic appreciation.

Controlling the pod is pretty simple, but it can be a bit too loose at times and there seems to the crucial delay glitch in some responses that could be considered a human error.

Game Gives no F*cks!


RIVE has a personality that will make you want to break everything in your surrounding area and then put you in a fetal position in defeat. There are a few glitches involved that will stutter your combat and cause you to fail in an embarrassing way. The most used words while playing in certain battles are, “WTF”, “How in the hell?”, “But why?!?!” and my all time favorite, “That is Bullsh*t!” Because there are times when you’ve found your rhythm and a portion of the level does not want to cooperate with your commands and then you die. The death messages are no help either but still, leaves me laughing at times.


So, how do you really feel?

All and all RIVE would be a nice addition for any SHUMP fan’s collection. It has the right type of humor, amazing action, semi-smooth controls, but it seems better if you use a keyboard vs. a joypad for reaction time purposes. As you can see with Steve he utilized some sweet tech while fighting through many enemies in intense combat. That being said, it is all around fun and gives you the right amount of challenge as some shoot’em ups fail to bring at times.

RIVE gets 4 paws out of 5 and I hope you enjoyed this review. You can check out RIVE on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam Marketplace. Be sure to check out withsteve on his twitch.tv channel  here by twitter here . Stay frosty gamers!

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Final Score:

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