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So, funny story where my friend from Elite Girl Gamers Dr. Nikki came out of nowhere and asked if I would like to go on a cruise with the team. Now Kuma has never been on a cruise before and this will be an interesting experience, but here is the kicker. It is a Video Game cruise which is like a fantasy come true. The good thing is there is a video showing off what to expect on this Gaming voyage to the Bahama’s and back.

I think it is about time some of us went on a voyage, but one themed to be a gaming expeirence on the sea? Now, keep in mind that it is not just video games it is spring break and I have never been on such a vacation experience. Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas is such a mouthful, but here is what we have in store to expect.

The Gaming Side:


  • Call of Duty Immersion Room: Full immersion gaming like you’ve never experienced before. The Call of Duty room will put you in an actual war zone. With the ceiling to floor screen the live smoke, flash explosions,  smells of gunpowder and even burning flesh this experience will leave you speechless.
  • Forza Race Room: There will also be a Forza race room. The room will feature 10 racers going head to head. With the wind from racing in their face, the smells of gasoline and burning rubber  they will race  to the winners circle where they will crowned Gamer Gauntlet champ and collect their prize.
  • Metronomicon: Packing in a fully-fledged story mode, The Metronomicon sees you take control a party of eight to wage musical warfare against a multitude of dance-mongering fiends. By switching between four concurrent hero-controlled tracks on-the-fly, you’ll select and activate a wide array of abilities and spells, buffs and nukes, with your performance and timing all-important in ensuring the effectiveness of your moves. In the RPG spirit, you’ll need to improve your characters’ stats, hunt down powerful equipment, and combine a multitude of newly-learned abilities – switching between tanking, healing, buffing, and damage-dealing classes as required in real time.

Music Galore:



dj24DJ Two4our provides the ultimate party experience in a clean professional way. With a resume’ that precedes him with accomplishment, DJ Two4our is using tried and true basics in conjunction with an impeccable personal flair to provide his audience with a genuinely great time, every time.


Born in Inglewood, CA, and raised in Largo, MD, DJ Two4our developed a deep appreciation for music when he was 13 years old. He purchased his first turntables and began practicing and perfecting his deejaying skills early on. He began feeling out crowds and testing his mixes at smaller events and house parties. The positive vibes from the audience were a clear indication that he was on the right path. Mixing and melding music to serve as the heartbeat to the party was his calling.


raheem-495x400Mega Ran, aka Raheem Jarbo, coined the term “Chip-Hop” to describe his musical style — hip-hop heavily influenced by both classic and modern video games. The only rapper to be officially licensed by Capcom, Mega Ran’s work is inspired by and infused with the likes of Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Star Wars and even professional wrestling. Mega Ran has performed at multiple high-profile gaming events, including PAX, Comic Con and the Halo 4 Global Championships. Mega Ran’s newest release “RNDM” debuted at #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, and ended the year 11th on CMJ’s Year End Hip Hop Chart, above Dr. Dre’s Compton, and several other notable releases.

DJ Dowager

14642792_10154274718914442_957053445_n-495x400DJ Dowager from Singapore (touted by Jagermeister as Queen of Console and featured most upcoming female Dj on esquire magazine)

Dubbed the Empress of the decks, Dowager brings her unique energy to hersets. Having played in top clubs around Asia, Dowager is also frequently engaged for fashion shows, brand launches and being one of the pioneers of the female DJ industry, DJ Dowager brings her experience, presence, and most importantly her cutting edge music to wherever she is spinning. Having an impressive following both online and offline, she is an asset to any marketing campaign and brand association, or even bringing the thunder to a one-off party. DJ Dowager will provide an exhilarating and memorable experience for any engagement.As the saying goes : “It’s not a party without the Dowager!”

That is just a bit of what to expect from everything going on and last but not least eSports tournaments will be conducted with six games.

  1. League of Legends invitational
  2. DOT 2 invitational
  3. Counter Strike invitational
  4. Call of Duty
  5. Mario Smash Bros
  6. Halo or Madden

I am disappointed no fighting games are involved, but oh well can’t have it all you know. If you are interested in joining the fun you can book now to be apart of one of the best Spring Break experiences in gaming. I do hope to see you next year and be sure to look out for the Beast Gamer so we can get some gaming done or game against eachother. Stay frosty gamers!

Book your cruise vacation now: VGU Gaming Gauntlet



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