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Let there be snow never felt so good to say when you have fresh powder on the mountain sides and nothing but an open world to shred. Steep is the latest game coming from Ubisoft which is another surprise as they are tackling more genres which I thought they were going to stick with espionage titles like Tom Clancy games or Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. Then they introduced The Crew their first racing open world game and now we are hitting the slopes with Steep. I have made a short thoughts video for you to enjoy!

I will admit and state that my computer needs some upgrades in which I could not fully enjoy Steep as anticipated, which is going to make me get it on the consoles. It seems many gamers were dealing with some cutoff points while playing where their max was at 15 minutes of game time before the game would shut down and not crash which is good. I say that because my last point that I was at was saved and once the game shut down it synced what I already did. I was also dealing with frame lag and some input issues, but again this beta and I were expecting some hiccups.

With all that said, Steep was fun to play and switching on the fly from Snowboard to skis to the Wing Suit and the Parachute was smooth. The only drawback is finding the right spots to use the wingsuit and parachute vs. the skis and snowboard. You will also have an option to just walk around the area as you see fit to get to some challenges or reset your position. The game also will let you walk in whatever outfit you have on at the time which is convenient.


Apparently, you can team up with other players, but I could not get a group going which is fine everyone is trying to just enjoy the game no biggie, but you have the option of not skiing alone which is pretty neat.

There are set riders to choose from and from there you can change their outfits, equipment and buy helicopter tickets with the points you earn as you ride.

The stunts are vary between the different sports you will utilize. I favor the Snowboard since to me it is easier to control than the ski’s, but they all have their own different stunt styles that I can enjoy. I have not tried the stunts for the Parachute, but I did fly through some pretty scary situations in the wingsuit, but I would like to know what other stunts you can perform.

Steep will feature much replay value and a unique GoPro replay system that you can save your best clips and share with the community. I do hope there are some control clean ups, but I have nothing else negative to say about this beta since I enjoyed the scenes and some of the missions especially the one doing a video showcasing the mountain and its wonders. I also hope there will be some hidden Easter Eggs of some sort, especially during the night time or a Holiday theme which is hardly done that much.

Steep will be released on December 2nd, 2016 right in time for the Holiday’s, so definitely pre-order your copy if interested. Hopefully, we will have a review up when it does drop. Stay frosty gamers and thanks for stopping by.

Honestly I was scared when I realized I was on ice..

Honestly I was scared when I realized I was on ice..


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