Playcrafting Halloween Party Recap

Halloween weekend was more about trick or treating. It came with a big helping side of gaming with the developers at the Microsoft building. It was a nice event filled with free pizza, soda, costumes and many video games for us to test out…oh and of course candy. I was accompanied by my cousin Mr. Trickster who had a blast learning abundance of information since he is an upcoming game developer using the unity engine which the developers of Playcrafting utilize. In that, I will get into some of my favorites at the event.

Playcrafting has been more than just events where I have gone with some colleagues for the better of two years. I have visited the Square Enix events and some other showcases that would interest you, future designers. The best thing about Playcrafting is the game design courses that they offer to those that want to learn using the unity engine. I would suggest adding yourself to their newsletter to get updates on future events and classes that will give you a better understanding over at no, we are not sponsored by them, but what they are trying to do for developers interested in game design is pretty sweet. All right let’s get into what Kuma enjoyed or kept his interest.

First up: Goodnight Gamesgglogo

I have to say I give them kudos for getting out of the room and grabbing many of us to enter their world of development. Even though we were enjoying a nice slice of pizza, their ambition gained my interest. The first game that we were introduced to was a game called Pet Pat.

You get to Pat the cute designs of many different animals as well as take on challenging bosses. To be fair while my cousin attempted to play, it has some issues, but I figured it was still in development. In all honesty it is not my style of game, however, we were then introduced to Ernie vs. Evil.

Why is that an all-powerful evil always has such a generic name…BOB is that a-hole that is breaking the peace in the town of Lawrston. It is up to one man, alone after a long shift at Meat and Things to take down this demonic entity from enslaving the people. You never mess with a man that has done a double shift at work, especially once that knows his way around guns.

Ernie vs. Evil reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies, but more catered to me and you are a lone warrior that can obtain upgrades through the levels. As told each level will have a sub level as in old school Mario Bros. You will go through Level 1-1 or 1-2 and so on. As you get through each level you can buy upgrades or new weaponry to give you that advantage through many different and creepy enemies. It was quite impressive and fluid to get into and the best news from the developers was no Microtransactions which is always a plus. They did have a nice sale for their games being only 99 cents for the Halloween event, but not too bad for $1.99 for all that you can get. It is quite challenging in a good way, so I would say check them out.


Kingdom Bash


Entering the big room at this point where there are many tables with games to test out, but the first to catch our attention was this title Kingdom Bash which is a top-down multiplayer which can be played like a PVP or a co-op campaign. It definitely brings a nostalgia to come classic local multiplayer titles and I do enjoy a game with some intense combat that keeps you on your toes as you dodge enemies projectiles in order to be the only one standing.

It reminds me a bit of Smash TV meets any fantasy adventure game with a nice classic style to it. I would definitely say check it out




This is one of my favorite multiplayer titles there. Thanks to Misha Favorov for being out host to this unique style of a digital board game. You play as four Sumerian nobles trying to best the others on their path to worship. You send your workers to farm wheat or clay to then bake bread or sacrifice resources to please the gods.

It was an intense experience where you have to race against the other players figure out what to get and when to sacrifice items. I was quite confused, but I had a great time in the end. It is nice at times to take a step back away from the overly violent and just enjoy a bit of competitive strategy for a change. Be sure to check this out for the Mac and PC coming soon, but hit up their website at to sign up for updates.




This game right here we already showcased for our Evo Preview post over the summer and I was happy to see that they were attending playcrafting NYC. Our writer Kikee did a full interview with this side scroll strategic fighting game that will test your wits in fast paced combat. I was talking with Game and Visual designer Kailin Zhu to have a go at this beautiful title. I already had an idea from Kikee, but it was great to finally get my hands on Epitaph for myself. I did poorly, but that is okay because I was stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to this genre. You are on a sideboard with three fighters vs. three fighters.

Depending on how you tackle the characters you have will determine the victory. The first person to six points wins and it takes some doing and knowing the characters you are using is key. Now Kailin had a good line up with a ninja character that can shadow step through opens so easily. I had a brute character, a pyromancer and an ax-wielding warrior that can utilize back and front attacks. After the first round, I wanted to see how the game would play seriously in a match and my god did I have to be quick on my actions. I can definitely see this title on handhelds, but for now expect a release on PC and PlayStation 4 this December 2016.




As JRPG games go this one has a creepy dark tone to it, but visually beautiful. I had to watch from a distance as many people were hooked and for good reason.

There seems to have been some foul play where some of the royal subjects are put into a deep slumber which they can’t awaken from. In that, the city of Liege drifts into turmoil and a civil war follows as many are fighting for control. With a smooth game with no jarring transition equipped with a tactical and turned based combat gameplay. Liege will give JRPG fans a great adult themed adventure with a story filled with war and drama to keep you interested.

Pre-orders are going in now which you can check out on their website for more details.


There was so much talent at this event and I am looking forward to the next one, but for now I hope you enjoyed this post featuring some of my favorite games I actually got a chance to check out and have some conversation with the developers. Please feel free to dabble into Playcrafting yourself to test out future titles or maybe take up some courses to enhance your own skills. Stay frosty gamers!


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