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War is not as glorious as most people are led to believe. Yes, you may fight for a cause that will benefit your country and the civilians within it, but at what cost? Losing friends, family members and hell at times your own home. Now I am not a soldier, but I respect those that have been in combat and fight for our country. Playing these video games for years seeing the many different stories of what these warriors have to deal with and how it affects their mind brings a connection to want to respect their struggle. Battlefield 1 takes us to World War 1 and we get a look into different chapters dealing with different soldiers in land and air. First off we have a quick one minute review to get out the basis of Battlefield 1.

The campaign itself has to be one of the best stories I have played in the Battlefield titles. They were a bit short, but if you up the level of difficulty you can get a strong experience. However, I was enjoying the rich storyline of each individual and it is hard for me to pick a definite favorite, but I will say that “Avanti Savoia” was my favorite experience. The fact that you are going through a story of a soldier and his brother Matteo and learning about a special forces group had me in awe. I felt like that anime “Wolf Brigade” sporting heavy armor and a light machine gun storming a German military base.

It takes a harsh turn as you get deeper into the fortress and have to deal with other heavily armored enemies and flame troopers. It almost felt like you are going through a sci-fi war story, but they had these things during WW1 and that is fascinating. At had me at tears in the end, but I will let you find out why.

Multiplayer Galore:

The online multiplayer has always been the best experience in any Battlefield game with huge numbers playing at once on a big field that games can last up to 30 minutes at a time. You will be packing a lunch when going into combat and it also depends on the game mode you choose. Mostly I have taken on Conquest, operations and War Pigeons with my Gamer In Crime Lady Arsenic. Now in War Pigeons it is up to you and your squad to grab the pigeon and release it so it can send a message to your allies for a bombardment strike. You have to catch and release three times to end the match and it is one fast paced experience.

I was lucky to be teamed with a great medic and have had many accomplished battles. The other cool feature is following your accomplishments through the Companion app and unlocking battle packs throughout your career. Earning medals that show off your own skill level and even customize your play style on your phone app. It gives you a convenient way to strategize before your game begins.

Operations take you through real battles of WWI where you don’t play just one match. As Lady Arsenic explains, “It’s a different twist on rush, where each teams attacker/ defender get 3 attacks/defends. When you lose a round you get extra reinforcements via vehicles, behemoths. It’s one the longest game modes in bf1.. a really good match can last 2 hours.

Damn, two hours of gaming in one mode is equal to do a raid or even longer and that is a first for an FPS game.

Visually Beautiful:

This is one of those games that lets you bask in all of the environments and take attention to details that the developers worked on to give you a great experience. I had to stop during the ballroom battle and enjoy the double rainbow in the sky that kept me captivated until an enemy plane came by and I had to take it down.

The Vehicle controls are well done to my surprise, except for me flying that is still a no, no. Getting on a horse for some strange reason makes you unkillable to an extent. I would rather ride on a horse than a tank to mow down enemies, but kudos on making the horse mechanics enjoyable.

The Bad:

The one thing that needs fixing in Battlefield and it seems to be an issue with many games are the glitches. Now here is where things get a bit complicated with the bad, the glitches itself are funny and work in your favor it seems. If you missed it in the video above I was in Australia battling and as I was using a bullet to lure an enemy. Instead of them coming down the stairs like normal they instead went through the floor inside the building with no way of getting in there. It was hilarious and I just shrugged it off as a win. This has happened a few times and some weird situations in Multiplayer of floating tanks…Floating tanks that were flipped on its side.

So, being that it doesn’t hurt you I guess I can give it a pass? (laughs)


Battlefield 1 gets 4.5 paws out of 5 giving us gamers an amazing war experience and at first when I was playing the Beta, I was a bit worried about going back losing my modern day weaponry. I am glad that the experience showed me that no matter what era the developers at DICE know what they are doing when giving us a great game experience. I felt the story was compelling and not too drowning within itself. The fact that you jump through different characters and dealing with different emotions for example, “Friends in High Places” left me with some comedy as Blackburn learned a lesson or so you may believe he did when understanding the situation of being a fighter pilot.

I highly recommend squading up with people that you can trust to have your back because teamwork is a must if you want to capture that victory. Not only are you competing against other enemies, but other squads to get the best results in your team. So, do the best you can do because there is a healthy amount of competition out there to keep you on your toes.

Battlefield 1 is available right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay frosty gamers!

Final Verdict:

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