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There is nothing more satisfying than getting up before the sun comes up and heading to an exclusive event of a new system. I met up with VGTidbits and a few new faces as we took on the new Nintendo Switch with a hands-on Preview. For those that are unaware, the Nintendo Switch is the latest console coming out in March which features the best of both worlds being a console and a handheld device. In that being said, please direct your eyes to the video below.

There was not much time given to us to try out everything given since we only had an hour and 30 minutes of play time. I will admit I bypassed what I knew like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2and Skylanders Imaginators. I was too tempted to try out Ultra Street Fighter II, but honestly, there’s not much difference from Super Street Fighter II HD Remix other than the fact that now they have Violent Ken. It is a nice port and even though most will cry about it, you know you will be interested in getting your hands on this Switch port. I mean yes, it has been done before and just added a bit of spice, but since you can take it on the go and Nintendo needed more fighters it is a great start.

I said it all in my video and to be clear the Switch has the potential to be a fun and innovative portable home console. I am concerned about the battery life being only 3 hours depending on the game and yes we do have portable chargers. However, I would like to carry around less tech if possible and that is coming from someone that used to carry and DS and a PSP at once.

Nintendo Switch will go for $299.99 at launch which is impressive given the fact on what you can do with this tablet game console. Keep in mind the extra controllers are priced at $69.99, but with the HD rumble feature, onboard sensor and being that they turn into two controllers. I can see how that is the right price for it.

I hope to see you guys on March 3rd, 2017 when the Nintendo Switch releases. Pre-orders are going on now with Gamestop asking for a $50 minimum. I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to leave a comment below if you had a chance to try out the Switch because I would like to hear what are your thoughts. – Beast Out –

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