WW II hits Call of Duty, but Should It?

Who was not surprised that Call of Duty would follow suit with the old-school war setting? Yes, neither was I. Just like back in the day when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare surfaced and caused a new style of war combat. This change caused other FPS titles to follow along, but it was not the trendsetter. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was my first experience into this genre on the original Xbox and in 2007 COD followed with COD 4: MW. Medal of Honor came in last and we see what happened to them. Now that Battlefield went back to World War I and is a booming success, it was not going to be long until others would follow the same hype. The question is could they do better?

Now, here is the thing that most FPS fans are concerned with the COD series: the creativity behind them. At times, there is too much copy and paste throughout the series, although I’m not saying that all of Call of Duty has been bad. I do have my select favorites with Call of Duty 3 (Xbox 360), Modern Warfare Series and Black Ops series. I find their storylines to be amazing and that is taboo for most that play COD when they hear I played the Story campaign. Putting that aside let’s go back to the concerns of this WW II style COD game.

“What the companies need to do is think about what makes Call of Duty different from every other shooter. They can make really good COD games. It’s been proven with the Black Ops series and as well the Modern Warfare series. The double jumping though, I could honestly do without in Call of Duty. What I think would be really cool (just in my opinion) is if they made a completely zombie-story based game. Zombies attract a good portion of their players. That and multiplayer mode.” – Ceeja Brice

You see we are not here to just rant, we actually want to try to give solutions or maybe add suggestions. The good news is there are talks of a Zombie-only style Call of Duty game which would make them stand out more than the others since there is not much FPS zombie competition out there as it was in the past with Left 4 Dead. This would give them an advantage now to bring in more that element of fans. If they add a nice 4 player co-op campaign that leads into some amazing multiplayer that many would love. I think that would shed some light on the franchise.

Even though this is based in World War II, I would hope Sledgehammer Games would put their own fancy spin on the timeline making it their own. I want a bit of fiction mixed with fact, making it a bit of a parallel universe in some way. Okay, that sounds a bit weird, but it is something different.

However, let’s be real here. Most of us that have played COD for years has had a problem with the game mechanics at times and me for one hope that gets an update and being that we will have to go old school with the weaponry. I hope Sledgehammer takes account to that classic armory.

The teaser was posted by Gamespot, but what do you feel about the idea of a Call of Duty WW II game? Share your thoughts on what you want to expect or why you are not concerned. – Beast Out –

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