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The For Honor Beta is back yet again and this time I switch things up to play on console since the last beta I was on PC. I am not going to sugar coat this post, I am on this hype train sitting in first class while eating fig newtons with a nice green tea. The idea of being able to battle between three different factions learning all the lore and fighting styles that fit you is welcomed. Special shout out to my homie Yaboiluigi for joining me on this journey as we battled as the samurai, but please enjoy the video.

Now some people feel like there is not enough in For Honor to merit a purchase being that in the Beta there were only three modes to choose from? I am quite curious on A. What did you expect in a Beta where you are testing and B. Did you perfect your character too quickly where you were bored fast?

For those that are new to the story, For Honor features three factions of Knight, Samurai, and Vikings who are in a thousand year war that is being fueled by a fourth party. That’s all there is for that in the beta since it is mostly multiplayer that Ubisoft wants to test out. As stated in the video you have a choice between Dominion which is a four vs. four capture points game. You have NPC’s in the middle holding on to area B while it is up to you and your fellow warriors to take over A and C.

Next up is Two Vs. Two Brawl where of course you with another player or an A.I if no one is available faces off against two other players or A.I in a close quarter arena. You will not have much running room this time around and be sure to look out for your partner if they get taken out.

Lastly is Duel One vs. One. This is self-explanatory and brings in a more focused way of fighting. It is just you and the other opponent with no other distractions to prove who is the better warrior.

I did see another option of events, but it was not accessible and that just brings my hype meter a bit higher. I stuck with the Orochi samurai because the game is vast with a lot of RPG elements where you level up a character and their gear. You can also scavenge for gear using an in-game currency that you earn throughout your battles. You can earn more funds by completing bounties through your multiplayer campaign.

In the end, I had a great time, especially teaming up with other gamers and using new boost abilities that were taught during the advanced practice. I would highly recommend taking the time in learning the warrior you choose. There will be bounties that will have you to play as a different faction, but that is a choice. Master one class and move on or just stick with the class you favor the most. I for one like that the Vikings are pretty overpowered and I welcome that challenge to figure out the best way to battle them. The knights seem to have a stronger weapon, especially that flail and shield combo.

For Honor will be released on February 14th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Please feel free to share your war stories and let me know in the comments below on your thoughts on the game so far. – Beast Out –

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