Gears of War 4 Tournament at Microsoft Store

Who doesn’t love a good tournament? There is nothing more intense than seeing gamers battle it out proving that they are the best in the digital world. Today Kuma headed to the Microsoft Store in New York to check out the eSportsgears Gears of War 4 open tournament. There were seven teams and one team filled with Randoms all being streamed on and I am here to share my thoughts.

The Game is Escalation.

At its core, Escalation is a round-based, ring-based objective mode with Execution rules. There are three rings on the map at all times – a middle ring an equal distance between both teams, and one ‘home’ ring for each team, which is placed in a more accessible location on the map. Team spawns do not move at any point during the round, though you will swap sides with the opposing team every second round.

A good round of 5 vs. 5 trying to win the match by reaching 210 points capturing as well as holding the rings as long as possible. If that takes to long you can win with a Domination meaning you take over and hold all three points with a six-second timer. This is your quick way to end the match as fast as possible.

Teamwork is always the key and knowing the map as well as where the best weapons will be placed can change the outcome of the matches. Here is an image of the teams involved. The price as shown below is 250 pro points for first prize.

Things were pretty even all the way up until we came to the slaughter match. EL Crew vs. Randoms which I didn’t really think they were actual randoms, but just called themselves that. Now EL Crew is a pro team and you put them against individuals that have never played with one another before. The match was brutal and unforgiving to where at one point they ended up Spawn Camping the Randoms into submission. I was just sitting there realizing too late when it became 5 to 0 and I am looking around to throw the towel at the stage. This was madness at its best and I thought Apollo Creed had it bad losing to Drago, but no! Those poor randoms had many questioning, “Why did this happen? Who said this was okay?”

Things go back to normal soon enough where the next few matches came pretty close, but it all came down to the final showdown between El Crew and No Limit. The one thing I noticed with many of these tournaments is those that panic and make a mistake vs. those that get too cocky and make a mistake. I give props to El Crew they held their cool through the match and stayed organized. The first 5 rounds went to El Crew while the sixth went to No Limit. The 6th round had us on Edge where No limit seemed to have caught their breath, but it only lasted for a bit. The last match just happened in a blink of an eye with El Crew gaining the Win in only 31 seconds causing a full domination victory. Not sure what happened, but No Limit gets respect on their efforts.

All and all good job to all the players for giving us viewers an amazing performance. I have to thank the staff at Microsoft Store for being informative, great host and nicely organized. The venue was comfortable and they welcomed spectators. I may plan to participate next time, but it was cool just to be on the other side cheering on the players. Besides those animal crackers were on point.

If you want to check out the full footage of the tournament check out the video by heading on over to and give them a follow where in two weeks from this post there will be another tournament held on January 28th, 2017. If you want to participate in the Microsoft Store NYC Gears of War 2K Tournament which is a two-day event where gamers will compete for a 2,000 dollar prize. All you have to do is head on over to this Link and get all the details.

I hope to see you there next time and be sure to check back for more gaming news, events, previews, and reviews. -Beast Out-

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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