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There is a new game in town for the Xbox One and Steam Marketplace from Adult Swim Games and Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team. Rise & Shine is a new style of the puzzle, platformer shooter genre. You play as a young eleven-year-old named rise living in the world of GAMEARTH where there is a war going on. Soon enough rise runs into a downed warrior who gifts him with Shine, a wise cracking gun that comes infinite respawns. It is up to him to save his planet from the evil of Nexgen. It is up to you to think and shoot your way through each level dealing with different environmental hazards, robots, grunts and the occasional zombies. Take up and shine and direct your eyes to our video review below.

Rise & Shine is a true “think and gun” that combines elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells, and puzzle platformers to create a new blend of strategy and viscera. Switch between Shine’s add-ons to solve puzzles that redefine what bullets can do. Guide projectiles through intricate mazes, electrify damaged equipment to discover new pathways, and juggle 8-bit fruit because why not? This is NOT another run’n’gun clone at all. This is something different and fresh.

They are so right about that. As you saw in the review there are times, many times where you have to stop and think before you act. Take your time and assess the situation before moving forward. There are simple solutions, but the scenario can make you lose your footing quickly. Prepare to make mistakes will be made, but do not give into the rage, because it will just be the beginning. You will rage a lot and for good reason. It will be the satisfaction of figuring it out that will keep you going, but I do recommend stepping away for a bit to collect your sanity.

Appreciating the Beauty:

Visually outstanding. Rise and Shine deliver both great graphics, smooth gameplay and a nice touch of dark humor. I like the idea of the symbolism of an old game world dealing with the harsh oppression of the next gen armies. I was a bit worried about having a game with unlimited respawns, but that is necessary for the amount of death you will face. If this mode is not difficult enough try your luck with “Iron Man” difficulty…I freaking dare you to try it!

What’s the Bad?

There is not much bad that I can say about Rise & Shine. I would have to nitpick with the analog controls for the gun, but that is usually my own gamer error. If you shoot you will lose your target since there is no steady aim. Jerking the jerking at a certain speed for particular areas will have you miss unless you can keep that gun steady. I say good luck to that as you will be forced to dodge while trying to solve said puzzles. I do hope for expansions and other guns in the future, but for now Rise & Shine will keep you entertained.


At $14.99 Rise & Shine is an affordable, challenging and fun adventure that can be played by all. I would recommend adding this to your Xbox or Steam Library if you have not already. This brings a nice nostalgia to classic platform shooters with a lovely touch of puzzle challenge frustration. I felt like a kid again playing and that is how some games should be, fun and rewarding.

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Final Verdict: 4.5 paws out of 5

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