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What is Werewolf the Apocalypse? I am glad you asked, well to keep it simple it is an old table top game made by famed White Wolf publishing. The games story deal with Garou (werewolves) who are here to defend Earth from supernatural forces bent on full destruction. Their greatest enemy is the dark forces called Wyrm, the destroyer. Not only do Garou have to worry about the Wyrm, but they have issues with a long rivalry with other tribes. This conflict makes it hard to win the battle when you can’t unify as one strong force. The Wyrm promises all desires, hence why they have the upper hand here which doesn’t bold well for the populous of Earth. Soon enough you will have to choose a side in order to survive.

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Not much is known of what to expect from the video game adaptation. All we have now is an announcement and it is coming to PC as well as Consoles. I will, however, chime in some of my personal thoughts. The last White Wolf game that ever came out was Vampire the Masquerade and there was a talk of this game back when the Sega Genesis was out, but never was released. I have some minor concerns of what genre they will go with this game and how big of a scale they plan to do. In my opinion, a game of this magnitude favors the play style of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Mass Effect. To me, more Mass Effect since this is a table top game that was themed with choices and a deep customization system.

There is a bit of an overwhelming concern with the different breeds, Auspices, and Tribes. However, I will touch on the old player card I made for my character when I played with my friends back in the day. I was a Metis born under the Ahroun (full moon) part of the Get of Fenris tribe. I adapted the Metis from my own personal experience being that I have long fangs. the Metis are deformed Garou since they are born pureblood. So, my character was flawed with beast features which he can’t go full human form. I am hoping that these things are adapted to the game as well as picking pros and cons for your character that you will level up and hopefully learn to gain better skills to change the situation.

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There is so much to talk about with this title and years of lore to consider, but I just like the rest of you will just have to wait for more information to surface. So far it is apparent that Focus Home interactive will be backing this project and on the website does state the platforms. I just hope it makes it to production because I am hyped for a good werewolf video game. I am quite interested in seeing what develops and can’t wait to share whatever the developers have in store with us the gamers and fans fo the series. Let’s see what you got! – Beast Out –

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