Are Game Developers Sadist?

Disclaimer: “Try to lighten up even though it is meant to be funny, but it also makes you think at times.

Why? It is a vague question I know because even with the title you are wondering what this is based on. I want to know why must we suffer the way we do in games that have specific missions that at times have vague intel? It is not always bad, at times you get a warning or prep time before you have to quest for an ultimate weapon or items. You are tasked with moral choices at times like Fable for example. In Fable 2 there is a quest called, “Sacrificing to the Shadows” where you sacrifice the village to the shadows. At the end, you get the Maelstrom and Gold. It was worth it, but this past weekend I faced a great evil in farming like so many that had warned me of these horrors. It made me see the darker side of questing and I didn’t like it one bit.

I am a few months in owning an Xbox One and rebought Destiny with all the Expansions to play with my Xbox buddies. It was fun and easy at first since I conquered the missions already on the PS4, so it was a cake walk. Until the realization of a few quest that I didn’t do that I ignored. One being where I had to deal with the IKELOS Fusion Core quest. The first to join me on this was my comrade at arms UnlovedHomie when we started in November. Supposedly Mars was the hardest part of the quest since Warsats were rare to drop and I didn’t take the warning seriously. It is now February and my new homie YaBoiiLuigi finally dropped knowledge to stay in the buried city and boom after an hour the damn Warsat finally dropped and I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning.

3 Month Tour:

  • I went to Reddit
  • Web site that told you when and where Warsats dropped (doesn’t work)
  • Stayed on Mars for 4 hours
  • Fought everything to make sure areas were clear
  • Did all side quest to maybe trigger something
  • Cried in the corner
  • Learned the Langauge of the Cabal

After all that and the victory of getting the last part I needed in which I headed to the tower to turn in this grueling quest. You know what happened next? NOTHING! Not even a damn thanks, it was just empty and I just walked away. I found out later that was supposed to be gifted a special gun, but that is no longer a thing. In my mind, I felt an eerie shadow of a developer cackling in the background like an evil James Bond or Anime Villain. Like Queen Beryl just got the Moon Crystal or Skeletor finally got the sword from He-man.

This whole scenario was a gateway too many other memories of dealing with the same situation in other games. The annoyance of the thunder fields in Final Fantasy X to the Ras Al Ghul raid in DCUO where you are forced to vote on who gets what item no matter who needs it the most. You developers cause this pain in us. Here is a shared experience from a few gamers.

Final Fantasy XIV, as we all know possibly one of the most punishing games you can play when it comes to the endgame grind. Let me introduce you to something I call the “quicksand effect”. The last stage for item level 275 relic, grind Fates, Alexander raid, then to get really bad rng and bad pub raid groups. The more you try, the worse it gets. Can’t get ahead, no matter how much you try. Discouraged and defeated, the grueling process of RPG wins again. Welcome to the Quicksand Effect. – Luigi

I mean some the raid groups a couple of us met up with to farm for it was not so organized, lots of drama you name it. Then after an estimate of over 30 plus raids, people getting it left and right and over and over.. Finally I receive the all mighty Gjallarhorn, and it comes to the weekly shop in the following week…Literally the NEXT WEEK..And this was back when we all farmed the coins and stuff on destiny on 3 accounts and pushed them to 1. So I could buy 4 at that time..BLaZeD-MaNiAc_

Ooohhhh farming for the damn gold Chocobo in FF7 breading that S female with the black male and not getting a gold then having to do the damn process over and over till you hatched that hoe. Racing them to get to S class just to have another blue hatch uuuuggghhhhh…TruElderPhoenix

I want to bring in a personal experience that gave me PTSD from an old friend that took advantage of me since I had a computer with fast internet access as a teen. He played many RPG’s and at times I got calls in weird hours to find out what he would need to do in order to defeat that boss or to acquire some ultimate weapon. Until one evening during my fun playing Kingdom hearts and I received a call I said, “NO SIR!! I am not your GUIDEBOOK BIT*H!! Good Day to You!” That empowerment was finally mine and I was free or so I thought.

In the end newcomers, you are warned. Be prepared for the farming of your life, be ready for the B.S quest like helium filaments farming or capturing Precursor Orbs in Jak and Daxter, I am sorry even though I love the series, that was a pain. In the end, being it turn based RPG or Action RPG, MMO of any kind. Be prepared to farm and doing so for hours depending on the game and what glitches may happen. I’ve seen a gamer lose their whole world when farming for something in Zelda Windwaker only for the game to glitch at a point and it was sad to watch…almost heartbreaking. You were warned.

Okay gamers, thank you for checking out this grueling post of my recent experience that turned into memory lane. Gamer struggles are real, but the challenge is fun, so in a way, you can say that as gamers we are the masochist. I want to read some of your horror stories in farming or dealing with a grueling situation. Please share in the comments below and I shall check you next time. – Beast Out –

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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  • Dexter Lopez

    Some action rpgs like the Tales series is actually fun to grind to get better moves because fighting is the best part of the game. But other then that, yeah, I totally agree with you lol

    • Yes, I am cool with a purpose, but in a situation like Final Fantasy XV where you have to grind in the swamp for Frogs with no real reward from it but a bit of XP. There wasn’t even a trophy for it.

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