Rumor: Resident Evil Series Hitting Netflix

Word on the digital vine is Netflix is not only looking at Castlevania for a series but Resident Evil as well. Netflix has been running a good game at making some top notch quality programming. After what we had to endure with the Resident Evil live action movie franchise, we need a better version of the series. Definitely looking for a good zombie, corporate espionage horror series and since it will be on Netflix, they can push boundaries.

The news originally posted by stating,

We got word from insiders that Netflix is in the early stages of developing a series based off of the Resident Evil game franchise. We’re hearing that they’re going to stay true to the original games and also that each season will focus solely on each game in the series.

All right, before the masses get upset, I am aware that this was first talked about in 2014 and anyone can make a mock up picture. My intentions here are to start discussion playing off the “What If” situation if they were to make it happen. We can have discussions, there is nothing wrong with wishful thoughts or thinking.

Instead of starting with Resident Evil 0 or 1 I say start with that. That game was creepy as hell and since it was the first in the series to have an FPS experience. It already felt like an episodic series already with such a creepy and twisted story. It wasn’t even a zombie movie, it was more infected which involves into Umbrella handling whatever this company was dealing with. If they were to lead off with that and have Umbrella come into supposedly save the day leading into RE Zero and so on. I am totally with it.

I would have Elyes Gabel play Ethan, but that is just me.

Once again just a conversation starter as this information has resurfaced, but I am not totally shocked that we are seeing more video game series happening. The success of certain game titles that were turned into series like Halo: Forward onto Dawn, Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist on youtube and many others. The next genre that would be perfect is horror, so stay glued as we hope more information develops on this. I want to hear from you though to see what are your thoughts and what other video games you want to see made into a series? -Beast Out-

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  • Lady Arsenic (BLaZeD MaNiAc)

    Netflix has been putting out some amazing original series, I really hope this one comes through I could deff see adding it to my list of shows!

    • Definitely for a zombie fan like yourself. I hope this is a real thing.

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