An Invasion in Mutant Football League

All right football fans, recently the awesome peeps at Mutant Football League gave us backers new features on the sneak peek demo. That’s right we have two new teams entering the blood soaked field of the Tokyo Terminators and the Galaxy Chaos. Let’s see how the alien players work out.

I do have a nice wish list for the game if it can be done cool, if not still a good.

  • More Victory dance Animations
  • Mutant Cheerleaders that can help you cheat.
  • Ball Decoy
  • Chameleon Mode for the Aliens

I like the running animations of the alien creatures which kind of resemble Xenomorphs a bit, but this is their opportunity to name one Razor Kidd. Yes, I know they are Aliens, but they do look like Alien Lizards at least…Just give me Razor Kidd dammit! I am quite impressed with the new designs and the stadiums are looking great. I am expecting additional environmental stadiums and hazards. It is Mutant Football League so there is no limit to what they can produce. The gore FX have been amplified so we see bigger splatter or more limbs flying.

I have been a fan of Digital Dreams Entertainment for a while with games like Ghostbusters and Bloodrayne 2 which is in my collection. I have high hopes for this game and with 15 days left in the kickstarter you still have time to back this game up. I would love to see them already hit the 100 thousand goal mark and yes I am a backer as well as a long time fan of the Mutant League series for the obvious beastly reason.

All right gamers, please leave your comments below on what you think if you are a backer of Mutant Football League. If you are not, definitely check out their kickstarter page which you can click right here. Also be sure to check back for future updates as we get closer to the finish line. -Beast Out-


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